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<TofuMnchu> go and cry over the ruins of yure little comic<D-E-X> I don't get American humor.. sorry
<D-E-X> "Fucking puppets?!?! that's just sick!!!"
<Siryn-> don't fuck don't know where it has been :P
<Brent`> WHAT IS THE TOPC?????
<DarkFr0st> brent: i think it means dk and dawa are getting married but i
could be wrong
<Flameout> "What goes on in the privacy of my orgy chamber is my own business "
<JackFr0st> i mean, fucking cats, that's just sick!!!
<BaTS> damnit this sucks ass
<BaTS> hellos cnadyt
<DrNate> Dead: You enjoy your redhead, we'll enjoy ours
<FrankFnrs> Is there an instruction manual for this channel?
<DrChas> Sometimes, it was like her boyfriend wasn't even alive..
* JackFr0st looks back up at the screen and wonders when he ended up in earth X
<Flameout> Dead :Well , you're canadian , it's almost the same thing :)
<DrChas> honeymoon puppets.. betcha ya can't draw THEM on the blackboard...
<JackFr0st> god you guys even answer the same now...
<Deadman`> turl: you just noticed that?
<DkPhoenix> you just noticed this?
<JackFr0st> dont start :P
* DkPhoenix isn't here right now - leave a message with the cats
* Deadman` isnt here right now either - leave a message with DkPhoenix's cats
* DrNate is here which is a good thing, `cause my cat doesn't take messages
*** CMZ ( has joined #comicbooks
*** ChemTechI sets mode: +b *!*
*** ChemTechI sets mode: +b *!*siremba@*
<CMZ> ahh!
*** CMZ was kicked by ChemTechI (banned: Fuking Lamer)
<Flameout> probably not , most people killed in auto accidents recover
<D-E-X> dead: what's so funny about "peons" anyway?
<Deadman`> dex: dont ever change man
<Troz> okay this is beyond my comprehension. later everyone
<bats> i must be contagious.. cyke cant type now
<FrankFnrs> ....And he LIKES it!!!
<youeffohh> dead dead puppies
<youeffohh> dead dead puppies
<FrankFnrs> are no fun
<youeffohh> arent much fun
<Flameout> they don't come
<FrankFnrs> um, yeah that.
<Flameout> when you call
<Flameout> great song!!!!!!!!!
<Flameout> very moving
<Flameout> big finish
<BaTs> FUCK!!
<BaTs>   4 AM!!!!!!
<BaTs> shit
<BaTs> early!
<TurlFr0st> well, you hold one nostril shut and project snot really hard
<Deadman`> hey flame if i was ever to agree with you on something, the world
would simply cease to exist
<Cyked> you people give me a headache
<Cyked> you people should be in a mental institution
<Cyked> you people are the weirdest things I have seen in years... Now I
know why I never come on here this late...
<Deadman`> hey we could be talking about sex fetishes involving amputees....
thats kind of weird
<drew101> Flame: what a waste tho....going to jail for life or being
executed for killig Leifeld
<Flameout> drew: It would be justifaible homicide
<DrNate> no jury in the world would convict you.
<ProfStein> I've also dreamt full movies before, inwhich I don't appear....
<DrNate> "Exhibit A. A sample of the deceased's art"
<DrNate> "Exhibit B. A list of quotes from the deceased."
<DrNate> "Case dismissed"
<D-E-X> dk: I have some degree of confusion..
<D-E-X> dk: the level is now higher than average
* Chasdom has not been in any teen. No matter what her parents' lawsuit says.
<Atreju> I don't come here to be social.  I have nothing social to offer.
<Atreju >I am not a pleasant person.  I dislike people who are social.
<Deadman`>  ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�ƒ¿™Utinii!!!Utinii!!! ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�í off :-PƒTƒNƒ‰
   space, no one can hear you ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�í!!Utinii!!! ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�í off :-Pin
space, no one
   can hear you ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�í ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�ƒ¿™Utinii!!!Utinii!!! ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�í off
   'å�ƒ¿™Utinii!in space, no one can hear you ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�í!!Utinii!!! ƒTƒNƒ‰
'å�í off :-Pin
   space, no one can hear you ƒTƒNƒ‰ 'å�í
<Troz> youre one strange guy, dex
<D-E-X> I think I am the clueless one :)
<drew101> Troz: dont try and use dont do well with stats
* chemist 1,1__13(Y)
* chemist 1,1_.13(4°13-4°13)
* chemist 3--13()3-,-13()3--<(4@  1
* chemist 1,1.13(_)-(_) 12for DkPhoenix
* chemist 1,1



0 Chasdom



<DrNate> yeah, that's not annoying
<JackFr0st> no, i was too busy thinking "wow she looked good in the monkey suit"
* |Sakura| giggles
<JackFr0st> well that's what i thought at first
<|Sakura|> the monkey suit turned you on like nothing else, didn't it? :)
<JackFr0st> then i realized it was Bane in the gorilla suit not uma
<JackFr0st> and i felt kinda worried
* |Sakura| reminds herself to rent a monkey suit for her trip down to LA
through Bakersfield ;)
<drew101> turl: what a wobbly piece of jell-o he was
<DkPhoenix> da - vasha nos pa eto vasha golova, tak.....
 <Foenix> WOuld it be to much to ask for translations?
<Citizen_V> my nose is bigger than my head?
<Citizen_V> what?
<BrandEx> i've been on for 7 hours today
<JackFr0st> and you're a sick man bx
* sdc- REALLY likes hearing explanations of the world according to atreju. =)
<Foenix> DIVE DIVE!!!!
<MrPibb> who the fuck cares, atreju? its a COMIC BOOK
<Turlough> the day atreju is picking on someone for being obnoxious you know
the world is tossed on its ear
<Flameout> ignorance is safer Tom
<Tomswift> Yeah, well, I'm extremely safe.
<Tomswift> then again, I like Hanson and Spice Girls.
<Tomswift> And I thought Magneto was kind of darkly erotic.
<Ahab> DING! More info than required alarm!
<Foenix> Oh gods.  troz and drew agreeeing.  The apocalypse is nigh...
<Tomswift> I think the bnig problem with you guys hearing my interpretations
of DCU heroes is you know only bits and pieces.  I say the big things first,
then have to backtrack to back it up.  If you got the whole picture, it'd be
very consistent and clear to you all.
<D-E-X> errr..
<D-E-X> errr..
<BaTs> yah especially when you sit on em naked
<MrPibb> so what are you guys up to? you're not talking much :)
<Citizen_V> were just waiting for you to leave pibb
* Tomswift cowers in the corner and fsssts!
<Tomswift> Just in time for all of us to be bi***ing about how we can't find
a Parallax.
<ChemTechI> .
<Tomswift> -I- can't find a FLASH!
<Tomswift> THAT is who I want.
<Foenix> BITCHING!  SAY IT!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
<Citizen_V> the only thing more scary than atreju talking is atreju not talking
<Citizen_V> cause you just KNOW he's typing up about 6 paragraphs of text to
send the channel
<BaTs> hehe complete with real silicone breath
<BaTs> er breats
<BaTs> breasts!
<chemist> §H §e §l §l §o § ----- §E §v §e §r §y §o
§n §e §
<Foenix> Heyas Chem
<Citizen_V> ewww color things
<DrNate> yeah, that's not illegible
* chemist loves colors   :P~~~~
*** Tomswift was kicked by ChemTechI (idle 60 min)
<Cykadelic> arteju shut his trap for an hour>> DAMN
<DrNate> call guiness
<Kinetix> Mmmm.  Guinness....
<ChemTechI> Praise the lord, Atreju's sorry ass is gone!
<DrNate> lol!
<UltraClay> wow
* Kinetix checks the list. SIgn of the Apocalypse numbeeeeerrrrrrr......6
*** Spidey was kicked by ChemTechI (idle 60 min)
<BraveArse> egads! we're dropping like flies!!!
<Cykadelic> Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh STAYING ALIVE STAYIN ALIVE ahh ahh ahh ahh
<BraveArse> egads! we're singing like frogs!!!
<Kinetix> Hey!  That better not be a french bashing comment!
<bats> rev i asked the guy how strong the stuff was i was drinknin he said
about 160 proof so dont smoke around it
<bats> later kugs
*** KugGirl ( has left #comicbooks
<REV> bats: jesus
<bats> rev yah
<bats> it was smooth tho
<Citizen_V> ding dong the kugs is gone
<bats> ya know you go outside and puke and it kills the grass
*** ChemTechI sets mode: -o _Raven_
<_Raven_> grrrrrrr
<_Raven_> fuck you in the goat anus chemtech
<ChemTechI> HEY!  that's personal
<Foenix> Ew.
* JohnPanic kicks chemtechi in his cast iron nads
<JohnPanic> you work for me now, bitch!
<Foenix> The bot has a goats anus?
* ChemTechI bodyslams JohnPanic against the mat
<ChemTechI> oh yeah?
<JohnPanic> doh
<JohnPanic> don't mess with the bot
<Rayner> heheheh
<JohnPanic> he's got nads the size of hubcaps
<ChemTechI> indeed, i do
<Foenix> DING! More info than required alarm!
* JohnPanic beats raven with a whip...hurry!!!
* JohnPanic cradles chemtechi's canjones in his hands..."you see! look the
size of these babies!!"
<ChemTechI> ooh, baby, I didn't know you cared
<Foenix> DING! More info than required alarm!
<JohnPanic> okay, here we go
* JohnPanic breaks out the red pen
<JohnPanic> alright, i didn't like it
<_Raven_> I'm sure that both of the Deadly Duo, Pink Power Ranger and
Pornstar, felt very powerful stomping Kyle Heaven in a 2 on .........
<_Raven_> better?
<JohnPanic> ah, much better
<JohnPanic> poetry, i say
<Ahab> Yay!  i wont lose AOL when I escape the country! =)
* Ahab rethinks that last statement. WHAT did I just say?!
<CuddlyToy> Ya mean "Kiss me, I'm British?"
<CuddlyToy> I've given up on that cos none of you ladies take me up  on it :-)
* Foenix gives CT a kiss. There? You happy?
<CuddlyToy> Foe \ oooh, yes :-)
 Foenix curses her CDROM
<Jimbo88> i like the color red, its pretty.
<Foenix> You too?  Keen
<Jimbo88> where you at
<Jimbo88> me the atl
<Foenix> My computer =)
* JackFr0st makes a note, call crisis line at 12:55am
<Flameout> Jack: no that ain't it, me and drew figured it out the other
night, Byrne always wanted to fuck Wonder Woman, and now, he has
<Jimbo88> foe rules
<Jimbo88> i like mules
<dangler> how come you need quotes?
* Foenix thinks of more ways to mess with DoctorDoom's mind, small though it
may be... =)
<Rayner> dang: cuz he doesn't realize his full ability to contradic himself
* Foenix figures now that he has dug the hole, might as well see if we can
reach china...
<Rayner> careful foe...don't wanna get stuck in that hole w/ Jimbo
* Foenix thinks this would be a good time to diappear from the channel for a
few months...
<Foenix> I'm the sick fuck who sits here night after night and takes this
<Grr> brb my chair is hard on the ass.
<JackFr0st> heheh he said "on"
<Foenix> *Not* gonna say anything.  *not* gonna say anything.....
<Foenix> Ah, heck with it...
<Grr> ahhh.... I now have a comfy chair! Wee!
<Foenix> Grr: What the heck is your chair doing to your ass??
<JackFr0st> and even the macho man "oooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeah"
* Rayner is scared of any man that gets that exited over biting a stick of meat
<JohnPanic> don't shake my hand...i don't even know where it's been
<Rayner> JP: just won't admit it
<JohnPanic> ray: fine fine my hand's been biblical with a hairy emu
<JohnPanic> you happy?
<Rayner> no...actually I'm nauseous now
<Chasdom> sorry. can't afford it. have to save my money for a....
<Chasdom> (wait for it)
<Chasdom> (here it comes)
<Foenix> Not a.....
<Chasdom> Foe: yes... it's a...
<Sleepie> lol....are you ready for a sales pitch?
<Chasdom> believe it... or not!
<Foenix> NO!  Anything but a.....
<Chasdom> yes yes yes.. I know... it's here when you least expect it... but it really is...
<Foenix> What?  You want us to stop saying that its a.....
<Foenix> Eh, thats nothing compared to a.....
* Grr takes Chasdom outside for a beating.
* Grr nails Foenix between the legs with a sledgehammer.
<Sleepie> hmmmm i am lost about this dr. strange thing
* Chasdom loses his battle with Grr, until he pulls out of his pocket...
* Foenix beats Grr over the head with a......
<Chasdom> ..and beats Grr unmercifully with it.
* Grr shoves a bomb in in Chasdom's mouth and watches Chasdom's head blow up.
* Grr smacks Foenix with a Hammer 50,000 times.
<SugarSato> sleepie:oh good...i don't want that idiot to ever mention me
* Foenix watches Grr break his.....
* Foenix gets a new......
<Chasdom> what's that you say, there Foenix?
<Chasdom> I thought so...
<Foenix> Koko?
<Chasdom> KOKO!!!!
* Grr whips out a Chain Saw and performs Brain Surgury on Foenix's brain!
<Foenix> Hah!  Good luck finding it!
*** FaeriNnja ( has joined #comicbooks
<FaeriNnja> Hi people
<Foenix> Fae: They're coming out with a......
<FaeriNnja> Foe: so?
<SugarSato> foe:who cares
*** Foenix changes topic to "DR. STRANGE COLD CAST RESIN LIMITED STATUE!"
* Chasdom takes Faeri aside and offers her a....
<SugarSato> foe:i would like to urinate on a DR. STRANGE COLD CAST RESIN LIMITED STATUE!
<Foenix> OW!  This....
<Foenix> really hurts...
<StarHawk`> I should buy one but I haven't. Instead I buy vast quantities of nail polish
* Chasdom looks at Foenix ass and admires the finely crafted sculpture known as...
<Sleepie> buy one are limited
* Foenix removes the.....
<Chasdom> geez... I sense tension.
<Flameout> as if a Yankee transvestite coule LIFT a Silicon Graphics workstation
<Citizen_V> okay im scared
<Citizen_V> bye
* Foenix sits at his computer with a bat, ready to beat the cdrom till it works...
<Flameout> Foe: you have to beat it 28 times
<Flameout> exactly 28
<Flameout> Foe: strangely, a monitor only requires 2 blows and a hard drive 6
<Foenix> 1
<Foenix> *bang*
<Foenix> 2
<Foenix> *bang*
<Foenix> 3
<Foenix> *bang*
<Foenix> 4
<Foenix> *bang*
<Foenix> 5
<Foenix> *bang*
<Foenix> 6
<Foenix> *crunch*
<Foenix> Shit
<Foenix> Its kinda bent funny now, do I keep hitting it
<Foenix> I'm using a baseball bat....
<Flameout> 28 times and it'll be perfect
<DkPhoenix> now you squirt water in it
<Flameout> Dk: better if he pees on it
<Flameout> it MUST be plugged in though
<Foenix> Hey, its working =D
<DrNate> Groins are meant to be treated nicely, anyhow
<PatMGroin> yes nate
<KickinAss> Yes, you shouldnt fuck with your groin...
* DrNate returns to tongue exercises...carry on
<Vinedance> 8ball Where can I find a reliable partner?
<ChemTechI> Vinedance, In the refrigerator.
<Foenix> Sorry!  I was getting a pickle....
<Foenix> 8ball When am I going to die?
<ChemTechI> Foenix, In November
<Foenix> 8ball this year?
<Vinedance> I think it meant something of the vegetable persuasion, really.  But who knows.
<ChemTechI> Foenix, Yes.
<Brodkil> aw, that sucks foe, too bad man
<Foenix> AH!
<Brodkil> o man, youre sol
<Navaronne> Foe: Man, not good at all.
<Foenix> Sure, we finally get a straiught answer out of the bot =P
<Vinedance> Hey...look at the bright side.  It hates you so it's PROBABLY lying.
<Vinedance> 8ball Will Foenix die a horrible death?
<ChemTechI> Vinedance, Certainly
<Foenix> 8ball When will Rob Liefeld die?
<ChemTechI> Foenix, Next week
<Foenix> YES!!!!
<Foenix> I at least out live him!
<Flameout> it is vitally important that you do NOT breed
<SugarSato> Tom:i hate to be the one to tell you this but.,....everyone hates you
<Tomswift> I need some serious help.
<Tomswift> I licked a**.
<Tomswift> Er, KICKED.
* Rayner aims his ring at foenix
* Rayner makes a ring on foenix's finger
*** Rayner sets mode: +o Foenix
<Rayner> Hope I don't loose my concentration =)
<Foenix> Does this mean we're engaged now?
<Rayner> foe: 'cmere baby and let me show you :)
* Foenix hops into Ray's lap. You realize, that this will end up in the hits file?
<Rayner> Foe: then we better make it look good :)
<JackFr0st> shut up the fuck up steph :P
* dinkee tries to shut up the fuck up
<Foenix> Shut up the fuck up?
<Foenix> S, whos the fuck up she has to shut up?
*** MAGNETO ( has left #comicbooks
<Flame-out> Magneto's date sprung a leak
<drew101> Tom: your regurgitating again
* Rayner watches where he steps
* Tomswift disagrees. Continuity is -very- important. But when Batman's ears are two completely different lengths, I like it.
<Tomswift> I like seeing artists draw Impulse 50 different ways.
<drew101> Tom: that has nothing to do with writing
<Flameout> drew: of course it DOES, the writer specifies the ear length
<Tomswift> Exactly, Flame.
<drew101> Flame: thats why Breyfogle was kicked off Batman...he recklessly disregarded the writer's choice of ear length :)
<Flameout> And  in this scene, it's vital that his ear be exactly 11inches long, not 10 , not 12
<Flameout> Tom: obviously, you have never read a comic book script
* Citizen_V now knows why DC is sucking so bad and the comic industry is loosing its audience. theyre marketing to atreju
<Flameout> I mean, what is one of the worst social problems we have today, teen pregnancy, right?
<Flameout> I have not had sex with any teenage girls, what greater sacrifice can a man make?
<Orson> I got a hot tip from my local comicbook dealer that tangent comics are rising in value
* Kinetix can still get every issue of tangent for less than cover price =P My store cant give them away
<Grr> Kin: wasn't it SherylR: who bought the entire Tangent line for 30cents a peice or something?
<Starman> 30 cents?!?!?!?
<Kinetix> 50
<Orson> no way
<Orson> that dealer is a moron
<Orson> I got it for 15 each and he said they should sky rocket
<Grr> 15 dollars or cents?
Kinetix> 15 dollars?  APIECE?????
<Orson> dollars
<Grr> 15 dollars each?!?!
* Grr would laugh it it wasn't true..
<Orson> its my finest investement since I bought the return of  superman for 50$
* Kinetix dies laughing
<Starman> cause Adventures of Superman#500 is worth 4.00 bucks
<Orson> They restarted its no 1 now
<Kinetix> Um, no, no superman title has restarted...
<Orson> I meant heroes reborn
* Rayner kicks BX in the nads
<BrandEx> hehehe
<Rayner> smartass :P
* BrandEx has steel cast virtual nads
<Rayner> good then you can't breed :)
<BrandEx> there's something unnerving about staring at a piss-yellow colored screen
* Rayner kiks nate in the head
* Rayner grabs Nate by the back of the head an shoves his face intot he quotation marks
* DrNate enjoys it, and begs master for more
<Rayner> these are quotation marks...we learn what they are for in school...
 <`NiGe> pibb, heh, I have always been fucking a fanboy, just never told you guys
<Tomswift> Because I can -- you know what I think it is -- I think it's that the kids on SOUTH PARK are smarta**es.  They're making fun of -me-.  They're laughing at -me-.  I'm not laughing at them.  -They- are pointing their finger at me and saying "You're a lamea**!"
<Rayner> especially if you're taking those accusations seriously
<Tomswift> "Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one called Sailor Moon.  She will never turn her back on a friend, she is always there to defend, she is the one on whom we can de-pend, she is the one called Sailor Moon."
*** Tomswift ( has left #comicbooks
<parrom> Tomswift is a sick puppy
<Foenix> parrom, you learn quickly
*** sexmania (~sex@rascals.Stanford.EDU) has joined #comicbooks
<sexmania> checkout Best FREE pron site in the world!
*** sexmania (~sex@rascals.Stanford.EDU) has left #comicbooks
<D-E-X> what
<D-E-X> what's a pron?
<Foenix> File Not found
<Foenix> The requested URL /free was not found on this server.
*** R_McCall changes topic to "Up next: the Spanish Inquisition."
<R_McCall> I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.
<sQuIrtGuN> nobody expects the spanish inquisition
<Foenix> Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition....
<D-E-X> egad
* SugarSato needs to learn spanish
<D-E-X> I didn't get the joke the first time I heard it and I don't get it now
<R_McCall> you have been charged with heresy
<Century> Sato: want me to teach you spanish?
<SugarSato> cent:um....
<SugarSato> i need to learn spanish and japanese in the next few years....
<R_McCall> you shall be tortured with the soft pillow
  until you confess!
<Century> Sato: you want me to teach you japanese?
<SugarSato> cent:um....
<Century> Sato: you want me to teach you english?
<SugarSato> cent:um...
<Rayner> yeah...sure...more back that I belive that
<Foenix> Ray: Huh?
<Rayner> I have no idea........
<Rayner> I'm reading my sentence and can't tell what the hell I was trying to say
<Matr1x> rayner, no just one lame joke by someone who knows nothing of anything
<Foenix> and do you really think the CCA would let that go through?
<Matr1x> kinda like me on this channel
<Flameout> Foe: I'm not intimidated by a horse's schlong
<Atreju> This is -so- bad.  This is *Highlander 2: The Quickening* bad.
<Foenix> Hey!  I liked the quickening, and am like one of the 5 people who did =)
<Atreju> Foenix -- You're high, then. )
<Atreju> I can't communicate on your plane of reason.
<Atreju> Basically, in this version of the story, Rasputin is a power-mad sorcerer who sold his soul to kill off the Czar's family (who made the people happy).  But Anna lived, leaving the curse unfulfilled and Rasputin a rotting corpose doomed to walk the netherworld until he can kill her off.
<Atreju> Using his powers, Rasputin incites a revolt and manages to get the whole family killed off, but dies in the ice during a fight with Anastasia.
<Foenix> No, thats not rewriting history at all....
<BrandEx> so tell me, big was your penis, again?
<BrandEx> doh
<BrandEx> wrong channel
<Liefeld> Fighting American is my fantasy boyfriend
<Century> Ray: coming out in clumps during sex is not graceful...
* TZAnthony thinks Pinky's a sexy lab-mouse. If -- I were a lab-mouse, I mean. You know.
* Century runs over to Starman
<Rayner> cent will jump anything that moves...remember that =)
* Starman runs away
<Century> I think I should be in the JLA
<Century> I am a god after all
<Rayner> yeah...and then you woke up
<Century> The
<Rayner> last thing they need is some horndog running around grabbing everyone's ass =P
* Century puts on his ski mask and stalks Rayner for a while. One day Century sees Rayner walking with somone he doesn't like. Century becomes insanely jealous and slices Rayner's throat. When the IRCops ask who did it, Century blamed it on OJ Simpson!!
<Rayner> why does Cent stalking someone make waaaay too much sense? and seem too realistic?
* MrSpeed kills all mrspeed nick stealers
*** MrSpeed is now known as JJSpeed
<Rayner> speed?
<JJSpeed> i keep getting msg's from idiots who talked to some mrspeed
<Century> that was me
<Rayner> speed: then just tell 'em youre not him and keep the damn nick
<Century> I was on last night as MrSpeed
<Century> I was in all the sex channels
<Rayner> getting turned down as usual....
<JJSpeed> ray:i'd rather not deal with it :P
<Rayner> pretty sad when even your text is buttugly =P
<Century> shut up

[Ed. note: This next bit is awfully long, but I found it quite humorous, which is why I left it mostly as is, and this is what made me decide to make the Victim of the Month.  Enjoy!]
<MrPibb> rayner is coming on
<Century> Pibb: coming on what?
<MrPibb> IRC
*** Rayner ( has joined #comicbooks
<Ninjababe> on the floor <g>
<Rayner> hey all
<Century> sure...
<Ninjababe> hey ray
<MrPibb> he's coming on your head, century
<MrPibb> open wide
<Century> Rayner: just finish cleaning your floor?
<Kinetix> Raaaaaaaaaaaay!
<Rayner> cent: huh?
<Century> ray: oh... nothing...
<Rayner> oooooo-k
<Rayner> Fooooooooe
<Century> Ray: you had to be there I guess...
<Ninjababe> ray: Pibb said you were coming.
<Ninjababe> someone asked where
<Ninjababe> i replied: on the floor
<Ninjababe> so, cent wanted to know if you cleaned up the floor yet
<Century> and when will you guys learn that I never make sense?
<MrPibb> and thats when i said he was coming on cents head
<Rayner> now why would I clean the floor?
<Rayner> anything that gives you better grip has got to be a plus =)
<Century> Ray: uhh.. you don't want that on the floor
<Nezter> cuz Cent came on yer floor
<Century> GF's parents look at it funny...
<Ninjababe> if cent comes on the floor, make him lick it up
* Century licks Ninjababe
<Kinetix> Hey, I'm eating dinner here =P
<Rayner> he's think that was punishment or something
<MrPibb> hey cent stick to your imaginary gf
<Rayner> that boy would probably whip out the salt and pepper =P
<Century> punish me baby
<Century> Pibb: actually I'm single now
<Ninjababe> no... because, by not punishing you, I don't give you what you want
<MrPibb> ok then rosie palm it
<Ninjababe> which is real punishment
<Ninjababe> :)
<Kinetix> Pibb: I'm the one with the imaginary GF this month, remember? =)
<Century> Pibb: although I was thinking about hooking up with Callie
<Ninjababe> then don't forget to clean it up... it makes a mess when it dries
<MrPibb> foe you've always been
<Ninjababe> like I would know <g>
<Ninjababe> oh... thought Cent said 'hooking up with a collie'
<Ninjababe> gave me a double take
<MrPibb> april LOL!!
<Nezter> ROFL!!!
<MrPibb> LASSIE!!
<Kinetix> LMAO
<Ninjababe> what is it lassie? Is Timmy in the well? No... oh! Well, come on then, let's go into the bedroom!
<Ninjababe> I can't stop laughing
<Rayner> "What's that girl?"
<MrPibb> you mean cackling
<Rayner> "You say cent opened his barn door for you?"
<Century> you guys are laughing at my offfense :o(
<Rayner> "He did what to you at the edge of the well?"
<Ninjababe> no, laughing at my wacked out eyes
<MrPibb> he tried to show you his special fetching stick???
<Ninjababe> I can't breath
* Ninjababe remembers, in out in out
<MrPibb> breathing is good
<Century> I feel so loved here...
<Kinetix> Fetch lassie!  *chomp*  Insert various screams of pain here =)
<Century> I remember the in and out thing...
<Ninjababe> ROTFL
<Century> oh.. we are talking about breathing...
<Rayner> YEah....too bad she didn't....hehe
<Rayner> "You went in and out?  When?  Was I asleep?"
<Century> HEY
<Century> how rude
<MrPibb> and then timmy walked in and it was a threesome, and cent got to be lucky pedro
<Century> Pibb: I definately don't like young boys
<MrPibb> cent: but you dig on young young girls huh?
<Rayner> yeah...just young girls
<Rayner> hehe
<Nezter> U love young boys and girls?
<Ninjababe> oh wow... I just noticed that there's a bit of the song 'We will rock you' on this NIN song
<Century> Jojo is not that young
<Nezter> damned pedophiles..
<Rayner> jojo?
<MrPibb> jojo sounds like a circus seal
<Century> Johanna
<Nezter> Johann??????
* Century baps Nezter
<Nezter> hrmm..u keep surprising me, Cent
<Rayner> so anyway....where did cent's sense of humor go for the evening?
<Century> I haven't had a BF in years
<Rayner> usually he eats this stuff up
<Century> Ray: well... it eventually gets old..
<Rayner> and no I'm not talking about what I left on the floor =)
<Kinetix> BF?  No, I'll be kind, I'm in a good mood =)
<Century> but after a half an hour...
<Rayner> damn man....foe takes 10 times this shit
<Century> Foe: that wasn't a misstype
<Rayner> and he still comes back for more
<MrPibb> hell imagine how much atreju takes :)
<Century> Foe: I am bi after all
<Kinetix> Cent: I know
<Nezter> hrmm..males and beasts, Cent?
<Century> Foe: ahh... then what... never mind.. I think i understand now..
<Century> nope.. no animals
<MrPibb> yeah he only digs on chicks and lawn mowers
<Century> Pibb: wow.. it's not like it's a secret...
<Ninjababe> a mechaphile!
<MrPibb> he likes to pull the starts the motor
<Century> can't be held responsible, because she was touching her face??? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???
<Rayner> I need someone to keep making the seal comments
<Kinetix> Ray: Like how much fish does it cost you?  stuff like that?
<Rayner> she was "taunting" him?
<Century> hmm... maybe I should listen to the whole song some time...
<Rayner> kin: yeah
<Century> buh bye everyone
<Rayner> later cent
<Century> I'll ttyl
<Ninjababe> bye cent
<MrPibb> bye have fun with lassie
<Century> time for me to sleep
<Century> MOOOOO
<Kinetix> Later cent
<Rayner> lassie is a cow?
<Ninjababe> woah!
<Century> We are Kow of borg.
<Ninjababe> lassie had an operation!
* Kinetix gives cent the seal of approval
<Ninjababe> she was really a cow inside...
<MrPibb> seal?
*** Kinetix was kicked by Century (Century)
<Century> bwahahhahahahahhahah
*** Kinetix ( has joined #comicbooks
<Century> re foe
<Rayner> "We are french tickler of borg. You will be ass stimulated."
* MrPibb tosses century a beach ball
<Kinetix> re =)
*** Century sets mode: +o Kinetix
<Kinetix> Sealed with a kiss?
<Ninjababe> remember: Baaaa means no
<Ninjababe> moooo means yes
<MrPibb> hahahahahahhahahahahhhh
<Ninjababe> and quack quack quack means get your hands off me you jerk!
<Kinetix> LMAO
<Century> We are Century of Borg. Resistance is a good idea, since you can probably kick my ass.
* MrPibb can't breathe :P
<Century> well... maybe I won't get tortured as much when I come back tomorrow
<Rayner> pibb: go with that feeling =)
<Rayner> cent: will be more
<Ninjababe> the baaaa means no is a highlander fan joke... friends and I made up the rest
<Rayner> hehe
<Ninjababe> lol
*** Century has quit IRC (Zowie!)
* Kinetix sends this off to Dk for the #comicbooks hits page...

[We now return you to your usual insanity.  Sorry, no victim this month, unless you count atreju...]
 <Century> I finally got to see Jojo today after 3 weeks of her being away in rehab :o)
<Rayner> how the hell does a seal get stuck in rehab?
<Rayner> I figured she was balancing a ball and accidentally swallowed it
<KugGirl> she swallowed Cent's ball?
<Flameout> alright! I switch over to the history channel and there's a mushroom cloud going up!!
<Gerg> I am cool
<ProfStein> Why are you cool Greg?
<Gerg> b/c my mom likes me
<Century> Thats called incest.
<Foenix> Cent knows all about incest =)
And following that up....
*** You were kicked from #comicbooks by Century (I do not fuck my mom, other peoples mothers yes.)
* TZAnthony giggles
<SpdDemon> nah ive had the pleasure of turning down a few girls flame
* Kinetix wishes he had the opportunity to turn down a few girls. Turn off, yes, turn down, no...
<Flameout> SpdD: I don't believe you
<Rayner> spd: that's only cuz their mommies said they had afternoon kindergarten =P
<Kinetix> I'll watch nearlu anything w/Bruce Campbell
<AfroSheen> and those xena shows he did?? :P
<BlackMask> whos bruce campbell
<BlackMask> i like his charecter on xena
<BlackMask>  prince of theives
<AfroSheen> black:you don't even bleeding know who he is!!
<BlackMask> i do just don't know his name
<MrMatrix> i screwed a bot once
<Matr1x> that thought crossed my mind
<KugGirl> they shouldn't be able to, if Xav fixed them too. ;P
<TZAnthony> Yeah, I'm the masochistic channel-whore.
<_sdc_-> i can't believe someone deemed it "time to do a brady bunch movie". :P
<_sdc_-> something about that wreaks of the book of revelation. =)
<MACH-1> sdc: Its worse that they deemed it time for a *sequel*
<_sdc_-> no shit, man...
<_sdc_-> "and a third of the trees were burned..."
<_sdc_-> "and a second brady bunch movie was filmed..."
<MrPibb> oh shit my lesbian alarm is on
<KugGirl> hey, is it really 2am friday? did I skip wednesday?
<Rayner> ok...someone needs a beating =P
* G_Lantern chases after Castor_T with a weed wacker....hey you need a haircut!
* G_Lantern tells Castor_T to go home and tell momma ....
<G_Lantern> CT I can go all night I haven't even used a third of my slaps
<Kinetix> Ray: I'll kick GL, and you go after Castor
<G_Lantern> Foe your not an Op
<G_Lantern> neither is Ray
*** ComicSrv sets mode: +o Kinetix
*** ComicSrv sets mode: +o Rayner
<G_Lantern> ok
<Rayner> you were saying?
<Ncnspcus> atreju- yeah, but you're an intellectual pygmy, and your opinions and conjecture don't count for much.
* Chasdom mails Kin a copy of Darkness.
* Kinetix eats it
<Rayner> eat it eat it!
<Rayner> YES!!!!!
<Rayner> MY BRAIN!
<Kinetix> MY BRAIN!
<TZAnthony> I think in maybe 10 years, he's gonna come back and say "I'm sorry.  I've been a total dick my entire life."
<_sdc_-> whoa. atreju cursed. =)
<Foenix> "Free- Erotic Sampler Pack"
<KugzAway> yay mail from my mom :P
<Flameout> she must have talents that aren't immediately apparent
<Flameout> like being able to suck a golf ball through a 40' garden hose
<DrNate> Sure, but I don't consider looking at 70' penises to be graduation
<Rayner> babe liked my shit =)
<Foenix> They's mighty tasty.
<MrPibb> i read comics about real life things...real life people cuss, have sex, and there is violence in real's not faggoty guys flying around in their underwear using their butt plug power to fight dr. anus in the fight for world destruction
<Foenix> Ok, pibb doesnt like "faggoty guys flying around in tights" but he watches wrestling?? =P
<MrPibb> foenix you bastard i'm trying to make a point
* Foenix sacrifices an issue of Power pack and chants. "Oh, dark lord of the netherworld, please send your not-so-humble servant Atreju unto us, so that we might beat him about the face and neck with a 2x4"
<Foenix> There are no stupid questions, only atreju =)
<KugGirl> who are you?
<Foenix> What do you want?
* Rayner smacks foe...stop it! =P
<Rayner> never ask that question!
<Flameout> they'd pay money for a chance at the Thing's thing
<spaCeb0y> hell... i'd pay money to see his thing
<spaCeb0y> i mean
<spaCeb0y> it can't be that big to start with... i mean, you don't even see a lump or anything under those briefs he wears
<Flameout> space: it's retractable
<spaCeb0y> it's a mere pebble
<Flameout> one of his rocks flips open and it comes snaking out
<Flameout> he's hung like a bull elephant
<Flameout> Bruce Banner has a giant shlong, too
<SpdDemon> you people are freaks
<Flameout> the Hulk, does not
<Flameout> that's where all his extra mass comes from when he changes
<spaCeb0y> haha.. that's why Betty keeps putting up with his bs
<Red_Man> well reed is the most well hung dude in the MU....
<Flameout> Red: if he wants to be
<milkylik> what about henry pym?
<Flameout> but, that's why all the others hate him
<Red_Man> sue is too fine to put up his shit without him being hung..he is a four eyed nerd
<Flameout> he's not just big, he can make it any shape she wants
<spaCeb0y> yeah, but he did invent Herbie the Wonder-Vib-a-tron 4000
<Flameout> she has a whole catalog
<milkylik> i always wondered about the relationship of the wasp and giantman......
<Flameout> milk: she gets a little smaller, he gets a little bigger.......
<Red_Man> and did you know that spiders have like 400 the proportionate power of a spider..MJ Watson is gonna come like a mountain stream
<spaCeb0y> no wonder their relationship was better when he was GM, than as YJ
<Flameout> Red: nope, Peter might, MJ should just be freaked out by it
<spaCeb0y> Pete would just blow a hole through her lower back :P
<Red_Man> her lower back...oh god..that s funny
<spaCeb0y> Just as I'm sure Clark does to lois
<Red_Man> he is just 'SUPER'
<Flameout> no no no no no no no no no
<milkylik> but that part of supes never sees the sun.....
<Flameout> Superman is invulnerable
<Flameout> he doesn't feel a thing
<Red_Man> you know he creates tornados and whirl winds and shit when she bites lil kal...i mean god..he can fly into a sun...he cant feel her when he is in her...he has to jerk off to keep from going mad...
<Flameout> Lois' vaginal muscles can't grip him enough for him to even know she's there
<spaCeb0y> oh god, where's Stan Lee when you need him?
<Red_Man> or shuster and shit...
<spaCeb0y> i was referring to Mallrats again :P
<milkylik> i think daredevil wouldn't ever be able to control himself...hieghtened tough of feel....
<milkylik> touch of feel...
<Red_Man> lois has to brace her self against a wall or somethingto take one of his she dont go flying thru the air
<spaCeb0y> DD would cream his pants just by 'seeing' a chick from across the street
<spaCeb0y> "I've got you now Stilt-Man.. say... that hostage... she's pretty cute... oh noooo... noo... crap"
<Red_Man> i wish I was scott summers...jean grey could tickle my jimmy while she was in another state..haha
<Flameout> "Hey, DD, did you know you have a big stain on your crotch, that's sick, what're you BLIND or something?"
<spaCeb0y> hell, if you were Nate Grey, you could tickle your own jimmy without even waking up
*** MrSpeed ( has joined #comicbooks
<Flameout> hmmm, Chasing Amy was the second most profitable movie of 1997, according to MTV News
<MrSpeed> i hope not
<drew101> in terms of percentages, i believe it
<TheFlash> chasing amy was a wee bit more intense than the other 2 films
<TheFlash> it was inconsistant
<MrSpeed> it was garbage
<MrSpeed> imho :P
<TheFlash> I hope Kevin Smith does the Ironman movie
<drew101> his plate seems pretty full
<Rayner> speed: you watch wrestling...your opinion means squat =P
<drew101> Daredevil comic, green Arrow comic, Green Lantern screenplay, Dogma
<Rayner> you're just pissed cuz it was a lesbian
<MrSpeed> i'm serious on this one, i even disagree with brandex on this one.
<Rayner> if it had been a guy in a tiny speedo grappling with people now and then you'd have been happy =P
<drew101> Ray: Speed wanted Banky
<Flameout> he's gonna fire off his "supposedly intelligent" pop-up in a sec
<MrSpeed> why?
<Rayner> supposedly being the operative word
<MrSpeed> this has nothing to do with wrestling
<Rayner> call it "Chasing Macho Man" and he'd give it at least an 8 on a scale of 10
<Flameout>  a guy in a tiny speedo grappling with people
<MrSpeed> The whole idea was dumb to begin with and it was totally unbelivable. I guess with a budget of only $250,000, Kevin Smith couldn't afford realistic characterization.  Yeah, let's have a threesome. That'll solve our problems!  Please. Smith has been watching way too much porn.
<MrSpeed> Has Kevin Smith ever actually TALKED to a girl?
<Rayner> speed: uhh....he was dating the lead actress you dimwit
<MrSpeed> He has no clue how real ppl talk and interact then.
<Rayner> ok speed...we'll take your word for it =)
<Rayner> we'll tell him to use good actors next ones that graduate from the wrestling school of acting
<MrSpeed> you can't attack my argument, so you have to bring up wrestling, how lame.
<KugGirl> wow
<KugGirl> I hate to say speed has a point, but.
<MrSpeed> but what?!!? :P
<drew101> no, speed, it is just funny that you think Smith's work on CA is unrealistic and that is why you dont like it....and yet you love something that is so beyond unrealistic its not even funny
<Flameout> awww, but if he wears a hat, no one will notice
<Rayner> oh, and I haven't seen chasing amy...but if it's anything like the first two I wouldn't expect realistic talk
<MrSpeed> drew:took you a while to think of that i see
<Rayner> that's what made the first two movie so funny
<MrSpeed> i liked clerks
<drew101> Speed: where'd you learn that one...second grade...FYI, I was in another window, you freek
<Rayner> is awfly defensive of his wrestling =)
<drew101> talk about LAME...and getting off the point by saying something unrelated
<KugGirl> I haven't seen it either, that's why I'm standing over here, hiding :P
<Rayner> kug: out yer ass...that's what I do =)
<MrSpeed> drew:and how the fuck do you know the wrestling i like is unrealistic? I doubt you ever seen what i like.
<Rayner> craig kilborne does it too =)
<MrSpeed> hence, don't make a comment on it
<Rayner> cuz ALL wrestling is unrealistic
<Flameout> I've seen mexican wrestling
<Flameout> it's a lot of things
<drew101> mmmm...someone's testy this morning
<Flameout> but "realistic" isn't one of them
<MrSpeed> flame:you never seen to get past the first line of my macro
<drew101> blah blah still watch american wrestling, you freek
<KugGirl> speed, I thought you just stole that macro from someone else anyway
<Rayner> flame: you just refuse to see the depth of the story behind it and the skill involved of it
<MrSpeed> ya, i say most american wrestling sucks, you can find alot of good stuff sometimes though
<Rayner> flame: it's brodway with ropes =P
<Flameout> Ray: I do, I admit it
<MrSpeed> and it's not meant to be 100% real, i think characters in a movie should be realistic
<Rayner> kug: they started a new batch of commercials about kilborne
<Rayner> it's not meant to me 1% real =P
<Flameout> I think characters in a movie should be 100% characters in a movie
<drew101> speed: I dont think you have the entire world experience enough to say that what happened in CA was unrealistic...maybe in the world you know it isnt, but I have seen much more bizarre shit in my short lifetime
<Rayner> drew: oh know speeds always chasing those lesbians =P
<MrSpeed> drew:boy, are you a fucking idiot? How dare you say you know any fucking thing about me?
<Rayner> uhhh....cuz he talks to you out here...and sees how you talk
<MrSpeed> You know nothing about me, and you a complete idiot to say you do.
<Rayner> whooo....someone needs a hug =)
<drew101> speed: obviously if you thought it was unrealistic then you havent had a similar experience to get over it...I'm not saying you are less of a person because of it...just dont throw something away as unrealistic, just because it is out of your realm of unerstanding
<Rayner> or a bodyslam mabey
<MrSpeed> drew:what if i told you i was gay!? then would you think the same thing? i doubt it, self center jackass
<drew101> speed: yes I would think the same thing
<MrSpeed> i bet
<Rayner> way to play the dipshit card speed
<drew101> yoiu obviously feel it is unrealistic because you havent come across a similar situation you freak...that is what makes it unrealistic to you
<drew101> speed: you are taking this way to personally...pop a valium and nod off to never neverland, crankyboy
<Rayner> drew: give preferential treatment to gay people...just like I do to minorities =P
<MrSpeed> drew:i am cranky, you are acting like a asshole, i don't like that.
<drew101> <MrSpeed> i bet.......[ who's making assumptions about who is who]
* Rayner thinks its the comments about speed liking guys in speedos touching each other that's got him on the defensive
<drew101> Speed: no I am are taking almost everything I say as a personal attack...
<MrSpeed> i did not start this, i gace my opinion and i was attacked because i like wrestling
<drew101> Speed: build a bridge
<Rayner> speed: were teased =P
<MrSpeed> drew:you are messed up, did your daddy not love you?
<Rayner> and you acted as if your deepest secrests had been revealed
<Rayner> and just when I thought speeds attacks couldn't get any lamer =)
<drew101> Speed: ummmm....i think you need to pop the whole bottle
<drew101> and down it with bourbon
<MrSpeed> drew:you attacked me, it's a 2 edged sword.
<drew101> Speed: ummm no I didnt...I pointed out the irony of the wrestling-CA thing and you blew a gasket
<drew101> Speed: you were the first to be an didnt like what I said so you came up with "took you long enough to come up with that one"...mighty clever one that you are
<MrSpeed> <drew101> no, speed, it is just funny that you think Smith's work on CA is unrealistic and that is why you dont like it....and yet you love something that is so beyond unrealistic its not even funny
<drew101> Speed: ummm that wasnt an it carefully
<MrSpeed> And then you claim to fucking know me and know what i've seen and been through
<drew101> Speed: if you thought it was an attack then you took it the wrong way...and I was right about you taking things a little tooooo personally this morning....i think nap time is in order
<Rayner> he said you hadn't had a similar experience
<MrSpeed> ray:and how would he know that?
<drew101> let me state thsi one more time for you, speedy, my boy:
<KugGirl> Well, uh, speed, if you HAD been in that situation, then you would think it was realistic that it could happen :P
<MrSpeed> why don't you just the hell up?
* KugGirl justs the hell up.
<MrSpeed> and let's get over it
* Rayner takes kug's hell away and runs with it
<drew101> (hoping maybe the caps will help it sink in this time)
<MrSpeed> are you that completing stupid?
<drew101> it wasnt an attack on you....
<MrSpeed> i used that as a example
<Rayner> was that english?
<MrSpeed> the whole movie was unrealistic
<Rayner> movies are unrealisitic?
<Rayner> oh my god!!!!!!!!
<MrSpeed> completly
<Flameout> m-o-v-i-e
<Rayner> someone get the media!!!!!
<Flameout> r-e-a-l-i-t-y
<Flameout> see
<Rayner> we have to bring this to the publics attention
<Flameout> they're even spelled different
<KugGirl> you know what movie I found realistic
<drew101> Speed: then I'll take the movie as a whole....stuff like that obviously hasnt happened to you before so that is why you felt it was unrealistic...for me it seemed quite plausible, because I have had differnet experiences than you (as has, apparently, Kevin Smith)
<Rayner> kug: peter pan?
<KugGirl> sphere, batman, the shadow, the phantom, all ghost and horror movies, all romantic comedies..
<KugGirl> I found titanic unrealistic :P
<Rayner> kug: oh...I know..what kind of crap is iceberg sinking a ship?...PUH-LEEZ
<KugGirl> Ray, I've been on lots of ships! Didn't ever happen to me!
<Rayner> kug: me either
<Flameout> "Hey, these Jesus wafers are great! Do you sell them by the bag?"
<Flameout> "Cannibalism never tasted so good."
<Flameout> "Hey, Father, these are kinda bland, got any salsa?"
<DrNate> Leo is a nakid space vampire?
<TZAnthony> I wish!
<TZAnthony> Er-
<TZAnthony> *cough*
<spaCeb0y> Nate: never NEVER say Leo and naked together with TZA around
<Ninjababe> unless I get the movie rights
* Adiemus has some hot monkey love with spaceboy
<spaCeb0y> "God loves his children... God loves his children... yeah"
<TZAnthony> Actually, I am starting to consider maybe asking somebody out.
<TZAnthony> Flameout -- Are you kidding?  I could get laid tomorrow.  I've said this before.
<TZAnthony> I've had more than my fair share of people tell me that when I look at them, it's like I'm seeing right into their soul and it's an uncomfortable feeling, not romantic at all.
<Flameout> TZ: their not cowed, that's revulsion :P
Flameout> why would anyone be cowed by you???
<TZAnthony> Flameout -- I have no idea.  Maybe becaue I'm very self-confident, and a lot of people find that off-putting?
<TZAnthony> Blunt honesty?
<TZAnthony> I dunno.
<MrPibb> i think i did them so it would be asexual
<spaCeb0y> God bless genital bondage.
<Red_Man> Like I said before...liking wrestling is about as close as a man can come to coming out of the closet
<holliberi> oh fuck!!!
<Flameout> umm, okay, sure
<Flameout> where and when
<Flameout-> oh boy, that's the job I want, filtering and examining dust!!!
<Flameout-> sign me up!!!
<TZAnthony> I actually toyed with Ed, but he's too old.
<Kuginator> shit.. if I had a son like nigel, i'd spend most of my time in a drunken stupor too.
<Rayner> I turn my back for a second and prizm is stealing my meat
<Flameout-> mental note: Whenever Prizm is around, cover your meat
<Foenix> Or dont let go of it
<Rayner> I'm not carrying my sausage around the apartment =P
<Flameout-> I take mine everywhere
<Flameout-> I even took it to church, when I was a kid
<Ninjababe> you mean... I can change my sex? <gasp of shock>
<Chasdom> nin: no you can't... you can just spend a lifetime on IRC prentending to :)
<NcnspcuS> so, assuming you're grasping at the base of your penis, while errect, how much of your penis is showing over the top of your hand? Not all of the head, all of the head but no shaft, all of the head and a head's width of shaft, or more than that.
<BrandEx> speed's a smelly poo poo head
<BrandEx> kin: i just like saying "poo poo head"
<Spacey> i thought you said smelly poo poo head
<BrandEx> spacey: the smelly part is optional
<BrandEx> if beating of the heart and sweating of the palms were the hallmarks of truth, then masturbation would be my ultimate truth
<Matr1x> i hate when people quote idiots
<TZAnthony> Century -- Can I be the underaged girl?
<Century> I actually look up to Hitler...
<TZAnthony> I don't like smoking.  But when Leo lights up, mahn.
<DrNate> Want a review? Here's mine:
<DrNate> DRAGONBALL #3: Great comic, really funny. Room for improvement: It's a little pricey, and I think they need to mention panties more often
* _sdc_- thinks about kevin smith..."what a tightass..."
<_sdc_-> i thought the fuckin' guy was gonna deck me or something the one time i was ever around him...
<_sdc_-> either he was really close with mark gruenwald, or he's a pretentious tightass.
<Foenix> sdc: What did you do??? =P
<_sdc_-> foe: i was chasing my gf at the time with the squadron supreme tpb, and touching her with it to creep her out. =)
<_sdc_-> then i said something about how i need to tell people mark gruenwald's ashes are sprinkled into everything i do, so it sells. =)
<_sdc_-> man, he gave me the dirtiest look...
<_sdc_-> at one point, i wanted my body encased in clear epoxy resin, and built into a bar...
<_sdc_-> anyone who could keep their liquor down while looking at my decaying body deserves to drink at my bar. =)
<spaCeb0y> ATREJU!
<spaCeb0y> ATREJU!
<spaCeb0y> ATREJU!
<Flameout-> hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
<Flameout-> [0:19] *** TZAnthony is on IRC
<SpdDemon> someone has him on notify...?
<SpdDemon> christ..
<Synister> do me next
<Foenix> Only if you give back the channel =P
<Synister> cyber me first
<Foenix> Well, Ok, if you really want me too...
<SoulStorm> I want your pic KugGirl, that bad, what do I have to do for it?
<KugGirl> you have to blow drew101
<KugGirl> drew wake up
<drew101> yes
<KugGirl> it's time for luvn
<TZAnthony> They do -not- look 8. I've seen 8-year-olds close-up, and th-. . . oh, uh, hi.
<`NiGe> well, on these bright notes I better hit the gay
* TZAnthony ducks.
<TZAnthony> Guys -- Guys -- GUYS!  Let's look at the simple fact here.  This channel is called #comicbooks.  I don't think any of us are in positions to discuss the nature of normal sexuality.  :)
<xszavier> i wouldnt fuck a one breasted crack whore bag lady
<Flameout> xav: we wouldn't want you to fuck your mom, anyway
<drew101> Xav: oh history is really are an idiot arent you?
<Earthbind> buh bye all
<RoadDawg> later cent
<Flameout-> his boy has arrived for the night
<Flameout-> Pibb: we know Kugs inspired you, she is the inspiration of all that is evil
<Nyssa> Flame: Kugs doesnt inspire us =)
<Flameout-> no, no, you only THINK you're doing it, she's pulling the strings
<MrPibb> flame:
<Navarone> I don't consider it a legitimate word.
<Flameout-> Nav: "it"??? "it" is a perfectly legitimate word!!! :P
<MrPibb> i got no problem on being on the bottom
<MrPibb> just with something going INTO my bottom
<Jeri> Ewww!
<MrPibb> jeri: oh geez you know what i mean, foo
<Jeri> Yes, I know what you mean. I'm just being a pain in the ass.
<Xav> andy's masturbating
<Andy1251> I have lots. =)
<Rayner> something they'd like to be called when some other male inmate decides they're cute
<Flameout-> HELP or GUARD would probably be good
<Raymond> or Soap on the Floor
<Kinetix> "Guard!  OH GUARD!!  Oh hell...  I fell for it again..."
<Rayner> ROFL
* Kinetix is dying
* Rayner is too
<Rayner> but that makes sense
<Kinetix> Ray: Should I try and piece this together for the hits page? =)
<Rayner> kin: there.....more hits material
<Rayner> MY BRAIN!
<Kinetix> MY BRAIN!
* Jeri grabs Andy and pins him while Holli goes to work.
<Navarone> I was looking for a wav from South Park and I couldn't find it.  I decided to go do a search using the quote from the wav just to see what would happen.  The quote is Mr. Garrison from South Park saying, "You go to hell, you go to hell and you die!"  I typed that in, hit enter, and the first thing I get is Microsoft's page.
<Foenix> drew: And no matter what I'm getting my sex change to look like kinetix!!
* Henrik kicks Foe in the nuts
<Jeri> Heehee, which one?
<Foenix> peter
<MrPibb> 8ball how old is century's date?
<Caliburn> MrPibb, 15 years.
<Maggott> If I designed the costume for any super-heroine, it would be crotchless...
<Jeri> Ooh!! I want!!
<TZAnthony> No, Blade kicks some -serious- . . . okay, I'll say it.  He kicks ass.  Not a**.  He kicks ass.
<MrPibb> holy crap!!!!
<Kinetix> Oh my god
<Kinetix> The world is ending
* Jeri wants to get laid tomorrow.
<Jeri> ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Jeri> PAID!
<Jeri> PAID!
<Jeri> PAID!
* Rayner ain't no pedophine =P
<Rayner> phile even
<Jeri> No, that's Jason's job.=P
*** _Century_ ( has joined #ComicBooks
* Jeri whacks off Ray.
<Jeri> AOL is fine.=)
<Jeri> I like AOL.=)
<Rayner> operative part of the word being ASS
<Rayner> you're a fool then
*** Jeri has quit IRC (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
* Red_Man would rather crush his penis agains Cents bare ass than listen to rocker shit..wait..i would rather do that then anything
<SpaceEx> or jeri could have
<JeriBGone> That's mine.=)
<ivy> drew: convert to bi and rescue me then :P
<drew101> ivy: no...I'll come over there and take him to bed
* Foenix beats Cykadelic with a Silicon Graphics workstation
<Cykadelic> Ph yes foenix.. more more more
<Cykadelic> Show me who my daddy is
* Foenix points at kugs
<KugGirl> shhh!!
<Matr1x> heheh i dont think there are going to be any noticable busts anywhere near cent
<Navarone> "Assuming you have 3 other friends who have rods to play with too, you could invite them over maybe for some group violent jerking action on this sure to be great home conversion"
<Navarone> "I assume I could get used to grasping a smaller rod at my house just to enjoy the same amount of stimulation i got from the big rod in the arcade."
* spaCeb0y votes for dicks
<Navarone> A few years ago when I smoked, I sat outside on the back of my truck smoking to see what effect that'd have on the halloween traffic to my house.
<Navarone> Not a single kid came.
<_sdc_-> nav: that last line of text sounds like a good title for century's autobiography. =)
*** SolarisII sets mode: +b *!Ick@*
<Jeri> NO!!!!!
<Jeri> NOT BAN!
<Jeri> NOT BAN!
*** SolarisII sets mode: -b+b-o *!Ick@* *!Ick@* Jeri
*** Jeri was kicked by SolarisII (You are banned)
* Foenix gives the Tyrant Sun another cookie
<Foenix> Thats how they kept him in line for so long
<Foenix> He likes oatmeal raisin...
<Foenix> But then Starman 1M ran out, and the Solar System was fucked =P
<Foenix> So, he made the deal with solaris that he would travel back in time, with hourman and the 'virus' and get more cookies.
<Foenix> Then Solaris checked the history files, learened that starman died without bringing back the cookies, got pissed, and was luckilly stopped by Kyle Rayner
<Flameout> oh, that reminds me, as for Pibb saying Kugs has nice tits.....I have it on good authority that her tits are as mean as the rest of her.
<Flameout> but I imagine they want the fuck-up GL, instead
<drew101> flame: it'll be kyle with hals origin
<Flameout> Kyle, a test pilot????????????
<Flameout> for what, MS Flight Simulator?????