Welcome to FlamingTelepaths.Net, my own personal corner of the web.  Those of you that have known me over the years, this site has gone through many incarnations, from various fan pages, to RachelSummers.8m.com which tried to consolidate my growing 'net empire, to the occasionally-mentioned Phoenix Rising web design stuff, to this.  And what is this, really?  This site, and it's sub-sites, and sister sites are, to put it simply, me.  Pure, distilled Jason.  I've been online for quite some time, and never *quite* made a personal website, but my personality was discernable through my interests, and from talking to me personally.  Bland, uncool, not flashy, annoying... =)

    And far, far from serious.

    Why FlamingTelepaths.net?  Why not?  Ok, I mulled it over for quite some time what to call my personal site, something that was purely "Me".  Phoenix.com was out.  As was Foenix.com.  With my two primary identities shot down, it took a bit longer to get an idea.  Foenix13.com?  RachelSummers.com?  CyberShaman?  FireElemental?  CelestialAvatar?  Caffeind?  Some were taken, others just didn't sing to me.
    Funny that I should mention singing, because I was just starting to get into the group Blue Oyster Cult, and one night, while listening to their song "Flaming Telepaths"...well, you can see where things went from here.  It was one of those eureeka moments.  It was just perfect.  And so, here we are.

    This site does not have a 'mission statement' or a 'purpose' beyond my existence, my self, and my having fun.  This site is the virtual extension of my existence, which probably sounds existentialist and odd, but that sums me up, really.

    This particular portion will be directly about me.  Which is kinda scary, because I'm not terribly interesting.  In fact, I'll be surprised if anyone is still reading purple monkey dishwasher at this point in my rambling, and are probably looking for links.

    As with any life, this site is a work in progress, and will grow and change as I do.  So, y'know, never.