Solus #1 Annotations
Note: None of this is considered official, and much of it is guesswork, but hopefully the best guesses out there.  Any comments, corrections, or suggestions are welcome.

Cover: The central figure is Solusandra/Andra Radiant, the protaganist of the series, and is also featured down in the lower right corner with Lindy Karsten, the sigil-bearer of Helios.  More on each of them later.

Andra is glowing orange, a colour so far associated with two other beings in the CrossGen Universe: Creator, and Sidekick/Mentor/Advisor.  These are the nicknames given out to the beings that introduced the first issues of CG's original four monthly comics - Sigil, Scion, Mystic, and Meridian - as pairs of floating eyes, setting up the universe.  Creator handed out the sigils, and Sidekick has been guiding the respective sigil-bearers.

The bubbles floating over Andra give glimpses into other worlds in the CGU.

Red bubble, left thumb: Unknown.
Blue bubble, left of head: Unknown/doesn't matter.
Blue bubnble, right side of head: I believe it's from Han-Jin, the world of Path and Way of the Rat.
Green bubble, right hand: Heliotrope.
Green bubble, left arm/torso: Heliotrope.
Red bubble, right arm/torso: The world from "Brath", possibly called Tarquinos.
Blue bubble, left leg: Unknown.
Blue bubble, right leg: I'd guess Atlantean, from Crux.
Red bubble, knees: Ciress, from Mystic.
Green bubble, feet: Unknown, I'd say from Quin, in Sojourn.

The circle of faces behind Andra contains, on the left, Lindy Karsten, and on the right, Zeuss and Infoe, Lindy's mentor.

In the lower left corner is an unknown mechanical creature, and in the lower right is Andra Radiant, and Lindy Karsten.

Page 1: The narrator is Danik, a character from the CG book Crux, who has remained rather mysterious, and is a Transitioned Atlantean from Earth.  The small orange sigil that lead off his captions is his symbol.
    Panel 1: His grand plan is yet unrevealed, but it appears to involve manipulating the Creator to make the Sigil-Bearers.
    Panel 3: The she Danik refers to is Solusandra.
    Panel 5: Solusandra's desire to create may well indicate that she is the Creator entity.

Pages 2-3: This is the first time we have seen orange glowing beings besides Sidekick and Creator.  Danik's narration strengthens the possibility of Creator being Solusandra stripped of her memories, and set up to create on her own, with Danik advising and keeping an eye on her, so she would not disrupt the other beings.  The mention of Transition, and that Danik was with them, leads one to believe that these are the other Transitioned Atlanteans.  Transition was a process by which the Atlanteans elevated themselves to a higher state of being, which these beings clearly are.  To reach this state, they cast aside their emotions, which Danik has recently begun to regain.  This is due to his aspects guiding the Sigil-Bearers, and bringing emotions back with them when they merge with Danik to report on events.

Page 3: Danik mentions "Our actions, newly discovered by our brethren, have caused them to lash out". This seems to add weight to the others being Transitioned Atlanteans, while implying Solusandra is one also.

Pages 4-5: Solusandra is at last named by Danik, as the Atlanteans defeat her, and cast her down.  The notion of a higher being cast down from a place of spiritual enlightenment bears a lot of similarity to the stories of Lucifer Morningstar.  The Atlanteans have discovered what Solusandra has been doing with her creations, and for unknown reasons, have struck her down.

Page 6: Danik describes his remaining silent at her execution, allowing her to be killed.  To have done otherwise, would have revealed his own regained emotions, and placed himself in line for his own execution, destroying his plan entirely.

Page 7: Clockwise from top left: Sephie, of Meridian.  Unrevealed, seen previously in Sigil #27, and after in First #30.  His mentor also appeared in Sigil #9.  Ethan, of Scion.  Lindy Karsten, first appearance.  And Unknown, first appearance, makes a second appearance in First #30 as well.

Page 8: This is Danik, appearing beside Solusandra's body, believing her dead, the narration confirming the cast off emotions of the Atlanteans.

Page 9, panel 4: The joining refers to the merging of all of Danik's avatars/mentors that have guided the Sigil-Bearers all these years.

    Panel 5: This is Danik seperating into his lesser selves.

Page 10: Apparently, Solusandra isn't as dead as believed, and her powers of creation still work.  The red and yellow symbol (Also seen on all of the CGU comics) is the Sigil, and apparently Solusandra's mark.

Page 11: The bubbles each have their own Sigil inside.

Page 12: From the ashes, Solusadnra reborn

Page 13: Apparently, her 'death' left her with fewer memories than she had before.  Henceforth, this moon shall be known as the world Solus, and the woman will be known as Andra.  It should be noted that Andra has orange eyes, like Danik and all the Mentors.

Page 14: Touching the bubble seems to have transported her to another world.  it remains uncertain at this time whether they are linked to worlds, or Sigil-Bearers.  This world is Helios, and when Andra arrives on a new world, she seems to aquire appropriate attire.  Handy, that.  Andra's memory seems to still be there, just out of sorts, as she remembers this world, and it wasn't like this, last she remembered.  The residents of Helios are all involved in the ultimate of virtual reality games.  Andra is not actually in the game, but rather watching the actual events that are then broadcast to the gameplayers via GameSpace.

Page 15: First appearance of Radiant, the local Sigil-Bearer's game avatar, and Zeuss, her nemesis, not named 'til the next page.

Page 17: First mention of Infoe.  More on him soon.

Page 18, Panel 5: This flashback appears to occur from touching Radiant.  The man is Altwaal, the first of the First, a race of self-proclaimed Gods, who believe themselves to be the first beings in the universe.  This appears to be a memory of Solusandra's, presenting to him a Sword.  Six other weapons are mentioned, and those are a bow (Likely Ayden's bow in Sojourn), gauntlet and shield (Seen in The First), Rod of Office (Currently in the Path), spear, circlet (Both yet unseen).  This is the Sword's first appearance.

Page 19, panel 6: This is Zeuss' true appearance, and in the confusion, he has mistaken Andra for Radiant.

    Panel 7: Andra gets her new name.

Page 20: The introduction of Infoe, whom you will note has orange eyes, marking him as Lindy Karsten's mentor, and an aspect of Danik.

    Panel 4: Along with the memory, Andra seems to have taken Lindy's Sigil and/or power.
    Panel 6: Lindy bears a striking resemblence to GameFace, the host of GameSpace.
    Panel 11: Apparently, Infoe is not one to get pissed.

Page 23: The death of a mentor.  An unprecedented event, and felt across the various Mentor entities.  From top left, going clockwise:

Enson, of The First.  Danik himself.  Skink, of Scion.  Neven, of Sojourn.  PoPo, of Way of the Rat.  Unknown, first appearance.  Unsure, but may be the Muse, of Meridian.  JeMerik Meer, of Sigil.  Unknown, but may be the Stag from Brath.  Skitter, of Mystic.

Page 26, Panel 7: We discover Lindy helped design GameSpace.  That would explain the more-than-passing resemblence to GameFace.

Page 27, Panel 1: Radiant Inc's World HQ, from above, has the same rough design as the Sigil, which is plastered all over Heliotrope.  Talk about an aggresive marketing campaign.

    Panel 6: Lindy hacked the Sigil?  Just what does that mean?

Page 28, panel 1: Continued from p.27, Andra's musings to herself, while describing the situation of the people of Helios is also descriptive of the Transitioned Atlanteans, besides Danik and herself.

    Panel 2: The GameSpace core is another stylised face of Lindy.  Her face, the Sigil.  Talk about ego. ;)

Page 30, panel 1: The flare-up from Andra's eyes bears a resemblence to Verityn's of Crux.

    Panel 2: Power makes up for Andra's inexperience.

Page 31, panel 8: We say goodbye to the world of Helios, and the city of Heliotrope, as Andra seems to know how to return to Solus.

Page 32, panels 1-4: And she can take passengers.

    Panel 6: Andra kept her outfit from Helios

    Panel 8: Andra accepts the name she's been given.  Kind of.

Page 33: Back to Danik, whom seems unable to see or sense Andra, and he is not a man who likes mysteries, unless he's the one telling them.

    Panel 1: This is our first solid confirmation that the Mentors are connected to Danik.

Page 34: The birth of the Hound.  Is this a creation of Danik, or one of his avatars, or something else entirely?  And what will Danik do when he discovers Andra is the cause?

Until next month...

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