October 21st, 2003 - Not surprisingly, a Save Solus petition has kicked off.  If you enjoyed this title, and want it to continue, I urge anyone and everyone to sign it.  This book was cut short way too early, and is truly a shame to have issues we were going to get taken away from us.  Considering my status as the #1 fan of the book, I've already signed it, and will keep folks appraised of any other attempts, and pertinent information on this one.  Sign it now!

October 17th, 2003 -

After three years of planted clues, mounting tension, and escalating skirmishes, the saga of the Sigil Bearers vs. the Negation Empire is hurtling towards its explosive climax. As events build toward THE WAR, the following titles will reach their series finales with the following issues:

CRUX #33 [December]
THE FIRST #37 [November – previously announced]
MERIDIAN #44 [January]
MYSTIC #43 [December]
THE PATH #23 [January]
RUSE #26 [November - #27 was solicited for December]
SCION #44 [January]
SIGIL #43 [December]
SOLUS #8 [November – the series had been solicited through issue #10]

When THE WAR hits in 2004, our greatest warriors will finally collide with an invading evil as alliances shatter, worlds burn, and destinies are fulfilled. While some characters will reach their story’s end, others will move forward in surprising ways. Prepare to cheer, cry, and gasp as the stage is set for the next generation of adventure.

The strong response to EL CAZADOR has led to the launch of KISS KISS BANG BANG. What’s next? Join us as the New CrossGen begins.

October 13th, 2003 - Ahhh, new comics steadily coming from CrossGen. has posted the four-page preview of issue #7, George's last.

October 3rd, 2003 - Well...  I'm sure everyone has seen the various CrossGen news floating around this week or two, but there is definitely an important bit to add to this site, and that is of George Perez's departure from Solus as of issue #7.  We here at Blinding Radiants are sad to see him go, but also look forward to Leonard Kirk's interim run, and await an announcement of the new permanent replacement, whomever it may be.  Rest assured, George may have been one of the draws for me on this book, but certainly was not the be-all, end-all for why I followed it.  This website will continue as long as Solus does, barring anything happening to me.

Just ignore that lack of annotations.  That's just me being lazy...

September 23rd, 2003 - Quiet times, what with the delays in shipping, and I really need my fix.  Fortunately, issue six comes out tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I'm dead broke.  Fortunately (Heh.) Newsarama gives us five more preview pages to tide us over with 'til tomorrow.  Yay!

August 21st, 2003 - New solicits are up!  Small month for Solus stuff it seems, but we've had a lot f Andra appearances the last few months, so that's fine with me.  Here's the dish:

Solus #9: Hunting for her identity, Andra finally meets Danik! And when two superpowers collide, the truth emerges! Featuring art by JSA’s Leonard Kirk!

Solus TPB #1 - Genesis: A new collection showcasing the art of George Pérez! Andra Radiant is trying to put the pieces of her life back together—trouble is, they’re located on different planets! From barbarian to sci-fi fighter, the enigmatic Andra changes identities as she tours the wild worlds of the CrossGen Universe! Reprinting SOLUS #1 - #6!

And I'll point out that Altwaal and his sword turn up on the cover of First #37, the final issue of the series.

August 15th, 2003 - Well, I'm back from ChicagoCon '03, and I got to meet Beeber, and  bunch of other CG folks.  Got Solus #1 signed, and a sketch of Andra by The First artist Andy Smith!  Sorry for the lack of updates, but (As those who read the CG boards know) my old scanner doesn't work with the new machine, so no images for the forseeable future.  To tide you over, check out the previews of First #35 and Solus #6 at Pop Culture Shock!  And coming next year, The War.  CrossGen's major crossover they've been building towards for almost four years now, drawn by Solus' own George Perez!

July 19th, 2003 - A little snippet from Newsarama (Link goes to the full story.  Check out the Mordath toy!!  And glow in the dark Charon figure?  Woo!) about the future of CrossGen and a mention of our favourite Solus.  Here's the pertinent stuff.

Speaking to Newsarama, CrossGen’s Bill Rosemann reiterated several points that were raised during the CrossGen panel at the San Diego Comic Con, specifically that it’s time to start paying off the long time readers.

More specifically, Rosemann stressed that a storm was coming to the CrossGen Universe, and that events in the mainline CG books are building to a crescendo, as the coming of Solus was a large step – almost a trigger event - in the fulfilling of many storyline promises made nearly three years ago when the publisher began.

“The forces from the Negation universe have already broken through,” Rosemann said. “That’s who Sam is fighting in Sigil. The question of ‘who are the First?’ has pretty much been answered as things continue to coalesce. There were a lot of questions raised three years ago, and next year, it’s time to start delivering answers.”

Rosemann stressed that the mainline CrossGen books will continue to be accessible and readable for new readers, but readers who joined with the first issues, and have held on will be rewarded for their perseverance and patience. “We spent a lot of time listening to what readers said they wanted to see, and spent a good part of this year figuring out how to deliver,” Rosemann said. “There’s a storm coming.”

July 13th, 2003 - Just got done making the move to a brand new machine, and remembered this website is still up!  Our good friends at PCS have put up another preview, this time to First #34. the issue with Andra making an appearance.  Ok, more than an appearance.  Enjoy!

June 26th, 2003 - Pop Culture Shock has posted a preview of Solus #5, Paul Ryan's fill-in issue.  Check it out!

June 17th, 2003 - I just noticed that there was a nice little write-up about Solus in the back of the CrossGen titles last week, and likely for the entire month.  Here's the text:

By Gina M. Villa

You've waited.  You've wondered.  And now, it's payoff time.  It's also true confession time.  We've always said that all of our books stand alone, that you need not read all of them to read and enjoy one.  And while that promise remains unbroken, we've also added something special to the mix: one book that illuminates all others.  A book called SOLUS.

If you're a longtime George Perez fan, you certainly can read only this book to enjoy his art.  And if you love Barbara Kesel's ability to weave dense mysteries, you can also read it to enjoy the adventures of a star-spanning story of a woman searching for herself, but you'll be missing out.  There's so much more.

In all honesty, SOLUS is the linchpin title to our entire universe.  If you're a loyal reader, a fan that's followed our saga since it began, then you need to read this book.  You'll want to read it.  You owe it to yourself  to read it.  So, yes, all of our books stand on their own two feet...but SOLUS is the rock that anchors the ground they stand on.

As you can imagine, we've been asked: "Why did you put George Perez -- an artist who will attract readers who have never picked up a CrossGen title -- on a book so enmeshed in your overarching uber-story?"

Simply put, you guys are the best, most faithful fans in the world -- bar none -- and you deserve the best we can give you.  Sure, we like to think we do that every issue, every month, but as we planned for this big "Year of Reveals" in the CrossGen Universe, we wanted to do something extra special for those of you who have followed and supported us from the beginning.  We decided that the best way to do that was to have one of the best artists in the world draw the book that will  be the primary vehicle used to bring together the many threads we've been weaving up to this point.  We're grateful to you, we owe you that, and you deserve it.  Thus, you have SOLUS, pencilled by the legendary George Perez (And beautifully enhanced by Rick Magyar and Larry Molinar).

Take my word for it: something big is on the way.  The mysteries you've been pondering are about to be divulged.  The secrets are about to be revealed.  And SOLUS is where it's gonna happen!

May 2nd, 2003 - CrossGen posted the new solicits and covers, and Solus #5 is naturally included.  I've posted the cover to the Images section.

Andra fights The First! With one of the seven weapons of Atwaal in her possession, Andra Radiant’s hunt for the other six takes her to Elysia, home of The First! Waiting for her: a legion of angry gods who aren’t eager to hand over their toys! Be there as some of CrossGen’s most powerful characters collide!

And Pop Culture Shock has the preview for issue #3 up.  Check that out by clicking here.  My only complaint is that the first pages are a bit hard to read.

April 17th, 2003 - Word is floating in that Edge/Vector and Forge have been cancelled after issues 13 of each.  This is being mentioned here because it's kind of a bummer for one, and second, because issue 14 of Edge/Vector is when Solus was set to start up.  Ah well.  And be sure to check out the five-page preview of Solus #2, on sale next week!

April 2nd, 2003 - Still waiting for Solus #1 to find its way to me, but I've just added the cover to issue #4 to the gallery, and the solicitation to the issue in the Issues section.  Enjoy!

March 25th, 2003 - Well, this is it!  Solus is out tomorrow, folks!  It will still be a few days before I have my copy, but I'm hoping it will be here soon.  In preperation, here's a small update, just adding an image to the gallery.  Sorry about the lack of updates lately.  You can always catch news I miss over at the George Perez website, from our links pages, though.  So, enjoy the very nice picture of Andra, and be sure to get to your local comic shop tomorrow!

March 7th, 2003 - Sorry for the lack of updates lately, and believe me, I've got a number laying around, but I've been quite busy (And a little lazy, admittedly), so haven't been able to pay quite as much attention as I wish I could right now to the site.  I should get some things up over the weekend, though.  In the meantime, a little something to tide you folks over.  The five-page full preview, pencils, inks, colours, words and letters, of the finished comic.  Enjoy!

February 27th, 2003 - Just a little bit that popped up on the CG message boards.  Someone asked how much one would need to know, what other books they would need to read in order to understand and/or appreciate Solus.  Beeber posted a response earlier today:

If you NEED to read other books to read this one, I'm not doing my job. If you WANT to read other books to understand every little reference in this book, I'm accomplishing my mission as evil schemer. If you like THIS book, I'm happy.

How's that?

February 25th, 2003 - Finally getting around to those updates.

First off, Solus has found the compendia it's going to be published in, Vector (Formerly Edge), and I've posted the cover, featuring Andra herself, into the Images gallery.  Vector #14 will reprint issue #1 of Solus, and comes out in May.

Second, thanks to ICv2 for the top 300 comics for March, with Solus debuting at #78, a very respectable number, with a total of 26,102 preorders.  Not bad, for CrossGen.

And finally, an old item I'm finally getting around to, from the new "Can't Get Enough" pages in the back of all February's CrossGen comics, was a brief mention of Solus in Gina M, Villa's "CrossCurrents" column.

In other news, veteran inker, and all-around-good-guy, Rick Magyar will be leaving Crux to embelish George Perez's pencils on  SOLUS, much to George's delight.  The two worked together previously on CHRONICLES #2 and from that experience, George knows that Rick can handle anything he throws at him - and then some.  Of course, George always takes that as a challenge, so that bodes well for the pages you're going to see.  Rounding out the Solus art team is Larry Molinar, a very talented young colorist who worked on WildCATS for Wildstorm.  Head writer Barbara Kesel handles the writing chores.  

February 22nd, 2003 - Wow, it's been awhile, hasn't it?  Surprisingly quiet month, and I've been busy.  A quick update to tide everyone over until I get off my butt and copy something from one of the comics laying around, so here's the solicitation for Solus #3.

Written by Barbara Kesel, art by George Pérez & Rick Magyar, colors by Larry Molinar

Long ago there was a girl who wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do. Now that she has power beyond her wildest imagination, she doesn't know what to do, but when she sees a man with something she considers hers, it'll take more than a tribe of barbarians to keep her from taking it back!
32 pages full color, on sale May 21 … $2.95

February 1st, 2003 - Snagged this short bit from Comics Continuum today, amidst some news of JLA/Avengers, which came up during a discussion with Perez at the Comics & Pop Culture Convention in Pasadena, CA.

Perez is back to work at CrossGen Comics, teaming with Barbara Kesel on the new title Solus.

"I'm almost done with issue 2 now and the first issue premieres on March 26," Perez said. "Solus is a little bit less work just because of the very nature of the project and the fact that I'm not inking. I have a fine, fine inker in Rich Magyar for that.

"So I try to produce the book a little quicker. On many days, I'll do two pages in one day as opposed to just one. Instead of a 6-7 hour day, I'll have 12-14 hour day in order to get back and finish JLA/Avengers."

January 24th, 2003 - New Barbara Kesel interview at Comicon Pulse with a bunch of nice info on Solus, tons of colour images, and more questions raised.  Of course.
January 22nd, 2003 - Woo!  New solicits are up, and we have the cover and info for issue 2.

release date: April 23, 2003
Something has been hidden on the world of Quin for centuries, waiting for the day when Solusandra would return to claim it. But Andra cannot remember what to do with what she’s given, and may not have time to remember with the Hound on her trail…

January 20th, 2003 - Another tidbit from about expectations of Solus.

From Wizard Universe
Comic news from the front line
Friday, January 10
By Karl Cramer


Anticipated Items:
Solus #1. Atomic Comic in Phoeniz, AZ says that even people who aren't into Crossgen books are showing a lot of interest in this series because of Crossgen has been showing a lot of preview art and George Perez seems to be at the top his game.

January 18th, 2003 - Oh, what the hey.  Head on over here to see a very nice B&W preview of the first batch of pages from Solus #1, which just makes me want this even more.  Must find a copy of this preview.  I particularly like page 13, ironically enough.  It works nicely with the main page layout I devised.  Now, if we can just get colour, and words...

Tidbit from the CG Forums, posted by Booster:
Just found this in a feature on Solus in Comics International 154. I quote...

Describing the main cast members, Kesel continued "Andra Radiant, as she comes to be known, is a tremendously powerful and astoundingly impatient woman with a strange affinity for each of the CGU worlds and absolutely no memory why. Lindy is a Sigil-Bearer who crosses Andra's path in issue 1 and is completely destroyed by the experience. Zeuss is the self-styled creator of an amazing artifical intelligence that has taken over Lindy's world. And then there's Danik, who may be familiar to the readers of Crux."

Discussing the project, the writer explained the most challenging aspect was "balancing the needs for story against the big scale of the universe we're cruising through. Too much scale and you yawn because it's just space; too much "people stuff" and you're bored waiting for something to happen. We needed to make it feel like Goldilock's porridge : just right."

According to Kesel, the mood she, Perez and inker Rick Magyar are trying to convey in Solus is one of energy and excitement. "We want you to be intrigued, but without a clue as to what we'll do next." The style of story, she added, will be one worthy of the artist. "Big, loud and exhaustingly fun."

"If we do our job well," she continued, "You'll never notice that you're cruising through a historical travelogue of the CGU. You'll just turn the pages as fast as you can, read and yell 'Cool!' when it's done."

January 11th, 2003 - ACTOR has released a press release of interest to Solus fans, and hopefully others.
ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots), the non-profit organization dedicated to helping older comic creators in need, is pleased to announce a new benefit product. Laser Mach’s new "Solus" Laser Cell based on the new CrossGen comic of the same name will raise money for the fund, with $5 from each piece sold benefiting ACTOR.

CrossGen’s Solus, which debuts in March, features the adventures of Andra Radiant, a multi-talented Renaissance woman whose origins may tie into the very origins of life itself. Laser Mach’s Solus Laser Cell features a transparency of artist George Pérez’ stunning cover to Solus #1, along with a matted card autographed by the entire Solus creative team: Writer Barbara Kesel, penciler Pérez, inker Rick Magyar, and colorist Larry Molinar. The Solus Laser Cell is a limited edition of 100 pieces, shipping the first week in March with a suggested retail price of $40.

"I'm always tickled to find new ways to raise more money for ACTOR and I'm so happy that Laser Mach and CrossGen got together for this nifty product," said George Pérez, who is also the Co-chairman of ACTOR’s Disbursement Committee. "I'm sure that I speak for the entire Solus team in saying how proud we are to be signing these cool-looking cells."

"It is a great honor for us to work with CrossGen, George Pérez and the rest of the creative staff on Solus to help benefit the creators who have been entertaining us for years," said Matt Ligot of Laser Mach. "We are sure this Laser Cell will be well received by the comic community, and look forward to working with ACTOR on more projects in the future."

You can purchase the laser cells (Signed and unsigned) online from Westfield Comics or from your own local comics store, using the March previews.
January 10th, 2003 - A minor images update.  I *finally* got the latest Previews in, and scanned in the full page preview, and the laser cell solicit, adding them to the Images part of the site.  Pretty.  Yes, I bought Previews just for those two things.

January 9th, 2003 - Just a little update today.  Beeber stopped by chat again the other day, and while there wasn't much (That I saw) mentioned in regards to Solus, she did reveal that the creature on the cover is called a Hound, and she teased a bit about the creator of the creature, but no real details were given beyond the name of the beast.
January 3rd, 2003 - Happy New Year!  I've got a little snippet  from Beeber herself.  She popped by the CrossGen Chatroom earlier this evening (The second) and amidst a flurry of questions, she shared the following, and special thanks to James Grasselli who was there and typed up the transcript.  The entire interview with Beeber and Tony Panaccio can be found here.

3) Are there any plans for additions to the CGU lineup in 2003
A) "Besides SOLUS (and boy, oh boy, the faingirl in me is excited to see that book!), we have no immediate plans for any more CGU books in the first part of 2003"

4) What is the status of Solus?
A) Solus is going great. I can't tell you much about the story, but George is getting the best inking and coloring in his career. No disrepesect to any of the Chronicles teams, but Rick's enthusiasm shows, and Larry's a completely fearless colorist.

11) Is there going to be a payoff soon to the Rho/Trenin issue in a recent Meridian storyline?
A) Rho/Trenin. Yeah, whatever happened to all those First Ingra sent out to watch Sigil-Bearers who now have no one to report to? And just where is Animora?

And there's more to it than that, which you'll (surprisingly, I hope) be interested to hear will come up in the SOLUS series.

December 29th, 2002 - Well, looks like the Solus release date previously mentioned was wrong.  Now, it's coming out on March 26th, 2003.  Ah well.  All good things come to those who wait, right?  The countdown timer has been properly updated.

And from Comics Continuum:

Current Crux inker Magyar will be moving on to Solus, CrossGen's new monthly title, inking the pencils of comics legend George Pérez.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the work that Chuck [Dixon], Steve, Frank [D'Armata] and I have done for nearly two years and consider it the finest collaboration I've been involved in," said Magyar. "But now, I find myself very pleased with the work I'm doing with Barbara [Kesel], George, and Larry [Molinar] on Solus. I anticipate excellent individual efforts from all of us on a book that is sure to sweep the reader off on a cosmic roller coaster ride."

December 28, 2002 - Hope every one had a good holiday, and is looking forward to the New Year.  Number of things to comment on today, first off, it is indeed ANDRA Radiant, and not Audra, like the Previews text says below, as confirmed by Barbara Kessel herself on the CG forums..

Second, I saw that the George Perez site has mentioned our little website here, which is most cool, and a big thanks definitely goes out to them!

Thirdly, from said website, check out this lovely two-page spread from Previews, currently up over there.  Looks like I need to buy Previes this time around, make some scans of my own.  There's more stuff in the issue, which you can get from the GP site, and I'll add the info here as soon as I have that Previews sitting in front of me.

*Deep breath.*  And finally, some new info on upcoming issues from Wizard, which most folks will have seen by now, but I finally got the issue.

Andra Radiant, the hero of Heliotrope, is finally revealed to the millions of curious watchers who have followed her adventures for years in March's Solus #1, by Barbara Kessel and George Perez.  In issue #2, Andra visits Ayden of Quin, who gives her a gift endowed with familiar orange energy, while in issue #3, Brath Mac Garen, from the pages of Brath, finds himself confronted by a powerful stranger, and the encounter leaves him permanently changed.

December 24, 2002 - Merry Christmas!  Previews has the solicitation info for Solus #1, and now I bring it to you!

Written by Barbara Kesel, art by George Perez & Rick Magyar, and colors by Larry Molinar

Audra (Is that a typo?) Radiant is putting the pieces of her life back together. The problem is that they’re all scattered on different worlds! Watch as Audra goes from pulp hero to barbarian warrior, changing identities as she tours the worlds of the CrossGen Universe in search of herself. The answers she finds will change her life – and change the universe forever! Written by Barbara Kesel, art by George Perez & Rick Magyar, and colors by Larry Molinar.

48pg, FC..........$2.95

Solus has got a release date!  Issue 1 will hit the stands on March 19th, 2003!  I'll have solicitation info up here as soon as I get it.

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