Issue Synopses

Solus #1:
    Synopsis - Andra Radiant is putting the pieces of her life back together.  The problem is that they're all scattered on different worlds!  Watch as Andra goes from pulp hero to barbarian warrior, changing identities as she tours the worlds of the CrossGen Universe in search of herself.  The answer will change her life - and the universe - forever.
    Review (Coming Soon!)

Solus #2:
    Synopsis: Something has been hidden on the world of Quin for centuries, waiting for the day when Solusandra would return to claim it. But Andra cannot remember what to do with what she’s given, and may not have time to remember with the Hound on her trail…
    Review (Comin Soon, really!)

Solus #3:
    Synopsis: Brath Mac Garen, from the pages of Brath, finds himself confronted by a powerful stranger, and the encounter leaves him permanently changed

Solus #4:
    Synopsis: What happens when a Sigil-Bearer makes the ultimate mistake? Lindy just learned an important truth about Andra Radiant, and now she’s about to pay the price when one misstep threatens a whole world.

Info on upcoming issues:
Issue 5: Andra fights The First! With one of the seven weapons of Atwaal in her possession, Andra Radiant’s hunt for the other six takes her to Elysia, home of The First! Waiting for her: a legion of angry gods who aren’t eager to hand over their toys! Be there as some of CrossGen’s most powerful characters collide!

Issue 6: Pérez is back! Andra Radiant thinks she has control of Elysia…but power is a deceptive commodity in the land of the First!

Bonus: First 34: The secret of the First: revealed! When Andra—straight from the pages of SOLUS #5—exposes the origin of the First to Pyrem, even a god can break! And the Houses aren’t going to like the results! Be there as the seeds of destruction finally explode!

Issue 7: Another sigil stolen! First she took the mark from the barbarian warrior Brath – now Andra Radiant captures a new piece of her past! How will this acquisition rock Andra?

Bonus: First 35: From the pages of SOLUS, here comes the Hound! You’ve wondered about their true nature – and now the enigmatic Enson and Wyture battle a side of themselves that they can no longer control! Plus: Trenin the Hunter takes aim at the upstart Seahn!

Issue 8:  MYSTIC match-up! Solusandra and Lindy head to Ciress…home to a certain mistress of the magical arts! First she stole Brath’s Sigil – is Giselle’s next?

Bonus: Mystic 41: Will Giselle lose her Sigil? First she stole Brath’s mark of power – now Solusandra has come to Ciress seeking the source of our hero’s magical might! Be there as Giselle faces a shocking turning point!

Issue 9: Hunting for her identity, Andra finally meets Danik! And when two superpowers collide, the truth emerges! Featuring art by JSA’s Leonard Kirk!

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