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Issue #1
  • Solusandra, the fallen angel.
  • The rebirth of Solusandra.
  • Andra travels to another world.
  • And now, what we all came here to see.  Nudity! ;)
  • Andra's appearance on Helios.
  • A memory of Altwaal and his sword.
  • Infoe, the cutest Mentor...
  • Unless he's pissed.
  • The birth of the Hound.
Issue #2
  • Andra playing with bubbles.
  • Nice image of Lindy running after Andra.
  • Largeish pic of Andra travelling to the world of Quin.
  • Andra's attire on the world of Quin.
  • Andra receives the Circlet from Ayden
  • The Seven Weapons, seen together for the first time.
  • Behold, the power of the Circlet.
  • She's just a big kid at heart.
  • More fun attacking the Hound.
Issue #3
Issue #4
  • Another change of clothes for Andra, as we visit Abyelos.
  • A change of clothes AND a jet pack.  Bonus!
  • Another shot of Andra flying.
  • Lindy being turned into salt.
  • Andra snapping off Lindy's salt arm.
  • Andra Radiant wants YOU!
  • Mikos, the sigil-bearer of Abyelos.
  • Just a nice pic of Andra.
  • Now Lindy loses her mouth.  Not a good issue for her.
  • Mikos' mentor, Nemases.
  • Nemases, with wings.
  • Nemases meets Andra.
  • Not even breaking a sweat/
  • Mikos, trying to save his world.
  • Andra regains another memory.
  • Nemases meets the Hound.
Issue #5
  • Lindy admires Altwaal's Circlet.
  • And Andra shows her what it does.  With friends like these...
  • One size fits all.
  • But it belongs to only one.
  • Arriving on Elysia, and another change of clothes.
  • Gods versus their creator.
  • A very tempramental creator.
  • Lindy starts to find new sources of power.
  • Pardon me, while I fetch my shades.  Andra needs to turn down the brightness.
  • Andra with Altwaal's Gauntlet, grabbing Ingra.
  • And now, Lindy has the Gauntlet.
The First #34
  • Andra and Lindy.
  • The two wandering through Elysia, tossing aside all challengers.
  • A nice close-up of Andra.
  • Up, up, and away!!
  • A very nice full-body pic of Andra.
  • Andra exits the Eidelon Rift.
  • While Lindy floats helplessly inside.
  • Andra meets Seahn.
  • And Seahn meets Lindy.  He really needs a new pickup line.
Solus #6
Solus #7
  • Andra arrives in Kellra's office, the picture of style.  As always.
  • Andra takes back what's hers.  And then some.
  • A blast from the past.
  • Solusandra and Danik, before the Transition.
  • Danik after Transition, talking with himselves.
  • A mad god.  As opposed to her usual, angry god.
  • More of Mad Andra.
  • Lindy tackles the slightly insane Andra.  Not the brightest plan...
Mystic #41
  • The last page of Mystic #40, included here.  Art by Paul Pelleteir.
  • Andra, by Aaron Lopresti, in Noveau Guild robes.
  • Andra, dodging an attack from Giselle Villard.
  • Once again, Andra takes what's hers.
  • Confronting another little furry avatar of Danik.
Solus #8
  • Andra, and her powers.  Pencils by Leonard Kirk.
  • Arriving on Ciress, in Noveau style.
  • Her ego shines through.
  • We do, Lindy!
  • Another good pic of Lindy, mostly from behind.
  • Andra vs. Giselle from another perspective.
  • Another alternate view from the Mystic issue.
  • Giselle's sigil returns to the creator.
  • No relation.
  • Fed up with the Hound.
  • Danik stands revealed, a page which would have been the cover to issue 9.
  • Danik visits the world of Solus.
  • Here it comes...
  • The moment we've all been waiting for.
  • Lindy gets returned to her planet, as the series comes to an end.
  • And this is the end.  This image was shown, in small versions, as the cover to issue 10.

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