The Worlds of Solus

This section will feature the worlds and places Andra Radiant travels to on her quest to find herself.

Issue #1
    Solus: A small moon which Solusandra crashes into, and is left for dead.  Her energies of creation form a small garden on a portion of the planet.  This is where Andra's quest begins, and is effectively her base of operations.  The garden is filled with bubbles containing Sigils, which she can use to travel to other worlds.
    Helios: A world obsessed with games.  Lindy Karsten, a Sigil-Bearer, helped create the game system known as GameSpace, a massive virtual reality system, with the people of Helios following the hero Radiant's - Lindy's alter-ego - adventures against the villain Zeuss.

Issue #2
    Quin: A world filled with trolls, winged men, and currently ruled with an iron grip by a dead man.  300 Years ago, the land of Quin was in the process of being conquered by Mordath, until a mysterious stranger rode out of nowhere, united the resistence, and killed Mordath with a powerful weapon, and shattered the arrow that struck down the conquerer into five pieces, sending one to each of the Five Lands, to be reunited if need be, to bring Ayden forth once more.  In the present-day, Mordath has been ressurected, and granted a Sigil, and quickly acheived his goal of conquering the Five Lands.  His only real opposition is a woman seeking to assemble the Fragments, and carrying Ayden's bow, while Ayden himself, still alive after all this time, remains in hiding.

Issue 3
    Tarquinos (Unconfirmed, based on an interview with Beeber): The land of Ure is under seige by other forces, from the distant land of ______ and their only hope is Brath MacGaren, the Hammer of Ure, a warchief who has been touched by the Gods, branded with their holy sigil, and granted with the ability to forsee the way through any battle, making him a master tactician.  Brath's only hope is to band together the disparate tribes under his leadership, and drive off the invading forces, keeping his land free.

Issue 4
    Abyelos:  A highly advanced, and peaceful planet, Abyelos is the homeworld of the Sigil-Bearer Mikos, who was gifted with the mark, and soon after, turned every living being on his world into statues of solidified salt.

Issue 5/First 34/Issue 6
    Elysia: Elysia has always been, at least as far as it's inhabitants - the living gods known as the First - are aware.  They were the first beings in this universe, created by Altwaal, who lead them for many years, until he became fed up with the petty struggles between his people, and drove a literal rift between the two house, Dexter - the selfless, and Sinister - the self-interested.  This rift, the Eidelon, keeps any member from carrying their power across to their opposing side, weakening them.  After this act, Altwaal disappeared, and most, if not all, believed him to be dead and gone, leaving only a large monolith bearing his visage, watching over his children.

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