Well, at the point in time, there's very little known of the cast, outside of one character, it's star, Andra Radiant.  And she has her own little corner of this site.  This part of the site will have more info later.

Andra Radiant Andra Radiant: Formerly known as Solusandra, this cosmic being has been stripped of her powers and memories, and upon awakening, inadverntently began a quest to find answers to her identity.

Lindy Karsten: A geek who made good, Lindy Karsten was one of the creators of the GameSpace on her world of Helios, and then she met a stranger who gifted her with an amazing power - the Sigil.  She used this power to create a game character avatar, which was destroyed by Andra, whom the locals confused for their hero Radiant.  When Andra destroyed the GameSpace computers, Lindy escaped back to the world of Solus, joining Andra on her quest.
Danik: A transitioned Atlantean, a portion of their race who ascended to a higher state of existence, a cosmic being like Solusandra.  He guided and watched over her as she played the role of a Creator, but stood idly buy as others of their kind attempted to murder her, and they believed themselves successful.  Danik now continues his unknown plan without Andra.

The Hound: A creation of Danik's, sent on a quest to find who killed one of his avatars, Lindy's mentor Infoe.  Little does he know is that the murder is his friend, Solusandra.

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