Solus #2 Annotations

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Solus #2 Annotations

Page 1, Panel 1: The world of Quin, from the comic "Sojourn".

    Panel 2: Ayden's island.  In the cove is another series of islands that form the sigil of Altwaal.  The largest of which matches the Negation sigil/Mark of Charon.  The water around it, thus matches the common CG/Andra sigil, minus the two small round islands.
     Panels 4-7: Ayden of Quin, first seen in the Sojourn Prequel.  He first appeared on the world of Quin 300 years ago, and stopped the rise of the tyrant Mordath, and left behind five fragments of the arrow that slew him, one to each of the Five Lands.  If the need ever arose, these fragments were to be reuinted, and Ayden would return.

Pages 2-3, panels 3-5: Andra's comments about trying to create energy, and "They have to fight" refers back to the very first issues of CG's first four comics: Mystic, Sigil, Scion, and Meridian, the first few pages of each protrayed the beings "Creator" and "Mentor/Sidekick" discussing the universal energies, and Mentor talking the Creator into creating the Sigils for exactly that task, to create chaos and conflict, causing energy to be created.

Pages 4-5, panel 2: Lindy is right, as far as we currently know by our laws of physics.  Energy can't be created or destroyed.  This calls into question Mentor/Danik's goals and motives in talking Creator/Andra into creating the sigils.

Page 6, panel 1: Why doesn't Danik recognise the planet where Solusandra crashed?  Does he just sense that the Hound has found Infoe's killer, and not actually see what it sees?  This would make sense, since the Mentors seem to need to occasionally reform to collate all the information and emotions they've gathered while guiding the Sigil-Bearers.

    Panels 3-5: Most likely, only Andra can activate the Sigil-Bubbles, since this Greenspace was created by her energies, and may even be a part of her.

Page 7, Panel 7: Danik loses contact with the Hound when it touches down on Solus, possibly another factor in why he doesn't realise it's Solusandra's resting place.  Like Andra herself, she was invisible to his senses.

Pages 8-9, Panel 1: In the sigil, which is tinted red and yellow, is Mordath's castle, on the planet Quin, first seen in the Sojourn Prequel, and the large tower recently rebuilt to that size in Sojourn #20.

    Panel 3: The thingy on the arm grabbing Andra during transit is a cue that this is Altwaal, first of the First.  And if he can do this, a rather powerful fellow.
    Panel 6: Upon arriving though, Andra is greeted by Ayden.

Page 10, Panel 1: Not surprising that Lindy can't reach her systems, she's a long way from home.

Page 13, Panel 3: Ayden changes into Altwaal, long theorised, and hinted at, but never conclusively proven until now.

    Panel 4: Andra is initially confused, but then recalls the name of the planet, and her clothes change to fit the local styles.  Is this a concious choice, or does it happen subconciously?  Is this similar to the First's ability to appear as appropiate beings and attire on the various worlds they appear on?
    Panel 5: It seems Andra has long been in the hero-making business.
    Panel 6: The gifts he refers to are Altwaal's Seven Weapons.  The one around his neck is Altwaal's Circlet, which made it's first appearance on page one of this very issue.

Page 14, panel 1: The Circlet also changes design once it's in Andra's hands.

    Panels 5-10: These are Altwaal's Seven Weapons, given to him as seen in Solus #1.  This is the first time that all seven have been seen together.  Besides the Circlet, there is, from left to right:

    The Rod of Office: First seen in Sigil #6 (?), and currently in the possession of Obo-San, as seen in "The Path".

    Ayden's Bow: First seen in the Sojourn Prequel, and currently being used by Arwyn in her quest to bring back Ayden and stop Mordath, in the pages of Sojourn.

    Altwaal's Gauntlet: First seen in The First #13, in the possession of Pyrem, the leader of House Dexter, and currerntly seen in the First.

    Altwaal's Shield: First seen in The First #13, in the possession of Pyrem as well, last seen in The First #?.  Note: The Shield looks different here than it does in it's other appearances, but considering the changeable natures of other weapons, and the First themselves, this isn't surprising.

    Altwaal's Spear: First appearance.

    Altwaal's Sword: First seen in Solus #1, current location unknown.

Page 15, panel 2: The dead one is Mordath, brought back to life and granted a Sigil by the Creator/Andra in Sojourn Prequel.  But what does he have?  And does Altwaal not know that Andra was involved in his ressurection?

    Panel 3: More strange words from Altwaal.  For now, I'm just going to chalk it up to him not being aware of Andra's involvement in Mordath's current state.

    Panel 7: What is Altwaal waiting for?

Page 16: Once again, returning to Solus, and Andra's clothes stay as they were on the previous world.

    Panel 6: She recognises the energies, likely from her own, the Sigils, Danik, the other Transitioned Atlanteans, and/or Infoe.  Take your pick.

Page 20: More questions.  Why can't the Hound enter the Greenspace?

Page 22: And why does Lindy not travel with Andra when she bubbles to another world?

Note: Andra next appears in Brath #3, in a mysterious, brief appearance that will hopefully be greater explained in Solus #3.

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