Solus #3 Annotations

Cover: The cover reflects the style of the first five issues of the ongoing "Brath" series, whose world Andra visits this issue.

Page 1, panel 7: Wotan is the Norse God of War and Death, Poetry and Wisdom.  More commonly referred to as Odin.  Interesting to use an actual god's name.

Page 2, panel 1: The elephants were brought to this world in the pages of Brath #2.

Page 3, panel 1: Andra's second speech bubble is coloured much the same way that the Mentors' bubbles are when they influence others, and is called a few panels later "mindspeak" or more commonly, telepathy.

    Panel 9: Is Andra being the "living image of Badwuhenna" coincidence, just something the warrior says, or is there an actual connection between her and Andra?

Page 4: If one looks carefully, you can see the cross/star design of the circlet on the pommel of Andra's sword.  This is easier to see at later points in the story.

Page 6, panel 2: Andra is protective of her charges.

    Panel 4: Just what does Andra know, and not know?  It seems very spotty and erratic.

Page 8, panel 2: Brath MacGaren, a Sigil-Bearer, and leader of Clan MacGaren.  His Sigil grants him the ability to strategise and forsee the plans of his enemies in his dreams, shown to him by an orange-eyed stag.

Page 9, panel 2: A dream representation of the Hound.

    Panel 3: The stag is unconcerned, because the Stag and the Hound are both aspects of Danik, the Stag being Brath's Mentor.

Page 12: Meanwhile, back on Solus...

Page 14, panel 2: The Hound, once again able to sense Andra elsewhere, goes off in search of her.

Page 15, panel 5: Yala is one of the First, a goddess of war.

Page 17, panel 4: Andra discards the Circlet-sword.  Does this have something to do with the Hound coming to visit?

    Panel 7: While Brath's Sigil may grant him visions of what's to come, and understanding, his interpretations are sometimes off.  Andra did indeed require a sacrifice of him, but not his life.

Pages 18-19, panel 1: Danik, again, still confused.

    Panel 3: The dark-haired woman is Capricia, currently in Crux and Sigil, an old aquaintance of Danik's, and Solusandra's, from before the time when the Atlanteans transitioned.  This memory is going way back, more than 10,000 years, from CrossGen's present.

    Panel 4: Solusandra desires to learn and master more than one of the five disciplines of her people.  This could be what makes her different from the other Atlanteans who transitioned.

According to Crux #1, these are the five disciplines:

    MIND: Domain of telepaths and telekinetics.
    BODY: Those anxious to redefine the limits of flesh and blood.
    SPIRIT: Dominion of the seers and psychics.
    PASSION: Characteristic of those who manifest their energies externally.
    EMPATHY: Province of those few [like Capricia] the shapeshifters.

    Panel 7: It seems Solusandra has always had trouble going along with the flow.

    Panel 8: Interesting choice of the word Mentor, considering it's importance in the grand scheme.  Who did Andra choose?  Danik, possibly?

Page 20, panel 9: Andra returns to Solus, and Brath returns to his family, where he will wake from a dream at the end of issue three of his own series, in which Andra takes his Sigil from him, his true memories of the experience faded.

Page 21: Andra returns to Solus, and once again, Danik loses track of her.  Although, I think it's possible his, "Gone again," refers to Andra's disappearing from Brath's planet, rather than gone completely from his senses, just that she keeps hopping all over the universe, one step ahead of the Hound.  Fortunately, for if Andra had not found Brah quickly, had he not gone out to her, the Hound would have arrived on his world, and his dream would have come to pass.

Page 22, panel 4: Andra's home resembles, fittingly, the architecture of Atlantis.

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