Solus #4 Annotations

Page 1, panel 4: Andra, still dressed in her garb from Brath's homeworld, as seen last issue.

    Panel 7: And she apparently can take people with her back off Solus, if she's prepared and conciously doing so.

Page 2: This is a new world, never seen before in the pages of a CrossGen comic, and we will learn it's called Abyelos.

Page 3, panel 1: Lindy still hasn't grasped back onto reality.

Page 4, panels 1 and 2: Andra mentions the planet's name, and her clothes change again.  I'm starting to think this isn't entirely coincidence.  Also, Andra's pants resemble those barely seen in one of the Unknown bubbles on the cover to issue #1.

    Panel 5: The circlet, now around Andra's brow.

Page 9, panel 5: Andra's methods may seem needlessly cruel, but exemplify the saying, "God helps those who help themselves".  Andra needs to see if she chose wisely, possibly to satisfy her own curiosity on who she is.

Page 11, panel 4: This story has parallels to that of Lot's wife from the story of Soddom and Gomorrah.  Read more here:

Page 13, panel 3: No one ever learns anything, if they take the easy answer, or it's provided for them.

    Panel 7: Andra starts piecing together about Mentors...

Page 14, panel 2: Nemases (Nemesis, which is what Danik currently is to Andra), Mikos' mentor.

Page 15, panel 7: Of course he seems familiar, he's got some of Danik in him, and also the energies are likely familiar as well, from herself, the other TAs, and possibly even Infoe, whom Andra killed in issue 1.

Page 18, panel 2: And Lindy's piecing some things together on her own.  Four issues in, and folks are starting to get the idea here.

Page 21, panels 1 and 2: Any guesses or theories on who is speaking to Andra in this memory fragment?

    Panel 6: Since Nemases and the Hound are both Danik aspects, in some ways, it's natural that the Mentor would shoo it along.  Andra likely recognised the similar energies.

    Panel 8: With Nemases exiting the portal Lindy and Andra went through, can we assume that Andra sent him to Solus?

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